Friday, October 31, 2008

Hello & welcome!

Around 2 or so months ago my sweet cousin-in-law asked me why I wasn't blogging about our family, pointing out that I had missed more than a year of precious memories of our little girl. So, in an effort to redeem myself, I am now blogging about our little Mershawn clan! So Kylie, this is all because of you. Enjoy!

This has been a fun time of year for us and our little lady. Parker has been all about the "pu-pu's" (translation: pumpkins) this year, and we've given her many opportunities to run amongst them. She took her first official trip to the Arboretum at the beginning of October, where the pumpkin patch was in full swing. We strolled up to the patch, got her out of her stroller, set her down (gently mind you), and she very daintily put her hands out while grimacing, realizing that she was standing on hay and dirt instead of solid ground. Way to be lady- like Parker Grace!

It took her about 5 minutes to become acclimated to the hay and pumpkins and in no time she was buzzing all around that place. So much fun. She had a blast going through all the pumpkins, giving quite a few of her now famous Parker hugs, handing us trash, gazing in the pumpkin house, going through the hay maze, chasing birds, and posing for MANY pictures. We walked all around, and the fountains also brought a very cheery reaction from her. That girl is just so much fun.

That pumpkin needed a hug!

The following week she got to visit Rockwall's pumpkin patch, where she not only got to pick out her own "baby" pumpkin to take home, but also made a wonderful pumpkin craft and got a balloon animal made by a crazy clown with very large red shoes. (Parker loves any kind of "shus") She has been carrying around her baby pumpkin for a couple of weeks now, and he's starting to show it. There's a large spot forming on the back, and he is quite soft now (yuck), so in the very near future, mom will have to be sneaking her little friend to the trash can:(. Poor little guy. He's very loved!

Parker & her baby pumpkin

A few other Fall highlights for baby P have been the Fair, where, yes, oh yes, she had her first taste of a corny dog. For those of you picking your jaws up off the floor, yes, it was difficult for me, and I have had a few nervous breakdowns since (haha) j/k. She was all about Big Tex and the petting zoo, and I was quite proud of our little Parker at the Science Place. I've decided she's the smartest girl I know:)! There's a great toddler/preschooler area at the Science Place, and she loved motoring around there getting to touch (ew) EVERYTHING. Once you get over the germy thing, it was a lot of fun. 

Yep, that's a corny dog.

Parker & Mitchel with Big Tex