Thursday, July 30, 2009


Some of you may recall a certain post I made about a month ago regarding a very unfortunate visit I had to my doctor's office. Although I do promise not to fill you in on every detail at all my doctor's appointments, I thought you all would be happy to hear about this months check up.

Yes, it went better. No, I didn't want to crawl under a rock and hide. And, yes, I remembered to use the cup this time. I forgot how good it felt to be praised by a doctor & his nursing staff. I had complements like, "you hardly even look pregnant," (yes I do) and, "you did so good," "you really did." How quickly we forget....

I only gained 2 pounds this time (woo-hoo!!!), and Mitchel took me to Dairy Queen afterward to celebrate. Ah. Nice. Of course there was this one thing....

I wasn't wearing my hose. Apparently his "suggestion" to wear them was more like a requirement and he made Mitchel promise to make me wear them ALL THE TIME. hehe I guess I knew he meant that, I had just made up my mind that he didn't mean in public.... 

So, today, I went consignment shopping, in hose, and jeans (I will not be caught dead wearing those puppies in shorts...), and tennis shoes. I was HOT. Not in the good way. Oh well. I obeyed. 

And....in three weeks we'll know what this little thing is hanging out in here. A boy or a girl....Mitchel thinks a girl. My doctor says it's a girl heartbeat. I have no idea. I did, however,  buy some pink stuff today.... guess we'll see!:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Mershawn Inn

2 weeks ago, we had a guest at our house. He was a boy. His name is Gavin.
His parents are our youth pastor's, and they had camp that week, and since all family related to them lives in Canada, Gavin was in need of a temporary stay with another family:). Am I making him sound like a pet? Hmm....

Anyway...we said yes to him staying with us, and it was a lot of fun. He's such a great kid, and such a B-O-Y. He showed up at our door Monday morning, and quickly entered, found Parker's little wagon, and pushed it around for an hour and a half. No joke. 

He pushed it so long, the wheel fell off. I cracked up.
 Not his fault...Miss P is known for taking WILD rides in that thing with her Dad...

Speaking of the girl, she was really excited to have "Gam-in" stay at our house.
I think it was really interesting to her to have him here. They both spent the week happy, playing, and slightly confused.

Good buddies. I've never seen Gavin smile that big. Made me smile. 
They were having fun.

Sharing the slide. I was very impressed with the sharing that went on in our house that week.
It was really great to see Parker with another kid her age. She did so well. It made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy seeing her be so sweet and loving to someone else. But then again, she's always sweet & loving....most of the time.
Gavin was equally sweet & loving. Such good little first borns:).

He liked our water table too:). They had water everywhere. Including on me. I was wearing pajama pants. Yuck.

So, they were playing away, and Gavin hears an airplane. He went running out into the yard pointing up at the sky. He was so excited Parker came to see what was up. Then as he kept saying in his deep boy voice, "pane," my little girl starts saying in her little minnie mouse voice, "Pane, where are you?!" Boys and girls...

See? More sharing. They were squeezed in that little thing.

I told her they should switch. Boys get the gas in the girl's car. She didn't agree. Oh well. She'll learn:).
Mitchel came home from work that Thursday, hears this voice, and yells, "Hello?" like he was a little freaked out. I pop my head around the corner, and he asks who's here. I said Gavin. We laughed. What would we do with a boy?
His mom, Liz, came home the next morning, and he wouldn't let her out of his sights. It was really sweet. He loves her like P loves me. I like that. We're all the same. 
Gavin made me realize that even though boys and girls are very different, they're very much the same...easy to love. Thanks for letting us get to know and love on your little boy Dekold's! 
He's great.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Trip for 2

Yep, we went to San Antonio, left Parker for 4 days, ate TONS of tex mex (mmm), saw the Alamo, and had lots of fun:). It was a really nice trip. Felt like old times. Before a baby. We even went and saw a movie, after dinner, without having to call a babysitter, and without having to pick up a kid afterward. Felt nice....and a little weird:).

Yes....talking to Parker. This was our first morning, about to head out to see what was around us. We got into San Antonio Thursday evening, and thanks to your husband Tiffany, ate great fajitas and went to bed while watching a movie:). It was like 10:00. hehe
So we were out to see the sites, but I had to hear that little voice first thing. She sang her ABC's for us...

Here's the Alamo....in case you were wondering. I was having pregnant issues (hard time walking....you don't really want to know) so we took it slow, I sat a lot, and we enjoyed the history. Especially Mitchel. He was like a little boy. Excited about all that had gone on in that place. He's so cute. And, it was really cool:).

Another great place to thank James for. Really cool place, really good food, and lots of  really good Mexican pastries. I was a happy lady. I even had a Mexican hot chocolate in July:). 

Same place. You walk in and these are hanging over your head. You know what the first thing out of our mouth's were??
"Parker would love this!"
Yep, we're parents. Officially. I like it.

Me and my honey. We actually got a picture together:). I was so happy. Usually it's just me. Looking weird. Yes, that's the riverwalk. Stayed right beside it. And our room overlooked it. I guess that's really the only way to stay in San Antonio. Really pretty. And hot. But you kind of get over it.

Ha! I'm cracking up! See what I mean? Me....looking goofy. Those flip flops were the only comfortable shoes I brought. I know, they don't match, but they felt good. 
But you see where I am? *smile*

Another one of us. Except here, I look more like my mom than I ever have in my entire life. Isn't that crazy?! Mom, you should frame it. Proof that I really do belong to you!
Just in case you were wondering...we were enjoying our ice cream sitting next to the riverwalk. Lots of nice times like that. It was even better when a family walked by and their 2 year old threw a big fit, and they had to leave the store we were in front of. Made me laugh a little. Then I wondered what Parker was up to...

I threw this in for all you out there who keep wondering if I look pregnant. The answer is a loud yes. This baby is moving a lot already too. I'm a little afraid that I have a big baby in here. But I love feeling that little one. Nice reminder that it's all worth it. 
Wonder if I should worry about all that action??

Now I'm hungry. Really good, CHEAP breakfast tacos. Ate there twice. They were G-O-O-D.

Ha! I got one of him:). He's always glued to the camera whenever we go anywhere, but I was determined to get him in a few, and I succeeded!! He's so cute. And mine.

Just a cool shot of the riverwalk.

Our hotel. Apparently it's been there a long time. Like a really long time. It was nice. Really pretty & cozy. Perfect just for us. We relaxed, hung out, walked a ton, talked, and just enjoyed each other. I think getaways like this should be required. Like a clause in your marriage license:). It was really good. When are you going to take me away again Mitchel? And do you think we could squeeze Parker in our suitcase to take out and look at every now and then:)?

Oh! And on the way home, we hit the HUGE outlet mall in San Marcos (yeah, he's a shopper too....one good guy), and bought ourselves a new dining room table from Pottery Barn. Are you ready for this....
Yep, that's it. 
Ah. Good times...

Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of July

Finally. Took me a while to get these pictures uploaded. It's been busy around here lately! 
Parker wound up sick running fever on the actual 4th of July, and somehow I forgot to take any pictures at my family's get together. My mind was a little preoccupied.

Our church has a Freedom Festival every year, and we always have a really great time. Mitchel works super hard that day, and we don't usually get to see him until water slides are over, but this year he had a little extra work to take care of. Her name was Parker:).

See their feet? Cute. And, no, she wasn't scared one bit. Super excited though. Are we sure she's related to me??

Waving down to me. She was smiling so big and waving so hard. Made me smile.

All done. Wet, feeling good, and ready to go again. She only got to go down 3 times before time was up (my fault....I made us a little late....) and she was not too happy about getting off of them, but she's a trooper, and was happy again in no time.

Okay....sorry Mikah....but this picture cracks me up. Parker's friends Mikah and Skylar. Sweet girls that we love. Skylar is 5 months older than Parker, BUT was greatly offended that SHE didn't get to hold Parker for the picture.

All better. Of course Parker's not looking so thrilled this time. Oh well:). Good buddies...they have to be. hehe 
Skylar....you're such a nut.

My favorite picture. She makes me laugh.

Parker and her Papa. Mimi was out of town for the 4th, but Parker kept him company for a while.

The band. They did a great job even though it was like a 1000 degrees out. Poor things.

There was also dancing to the music.

The fireworks were really good. P loved them. She amazes me. We all had lots of fun.

P & daddy catching the "fiya-works" together.
Good times, late night, very tired kids:).

Monday, July 13, 2009

Miss P

Funny girl.

She loves stacking these blocks.
She's getting too big...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Water Baby

We've been spending lots of time outside, but in order for mom to be happy and not sweat to death, I make sure we're always playing with water:). That, of course thrills Parker, who if I don't bring water out, ends up playing in Lilly's water bowl anyway. So....there you go. 

I finally remembered to bring my camera to the pool, and got some photos of our girl in action. She LOVES the pool. She's like a fish. She calls herself a turtle, and floats around on her belly. She's in the water the minute you say it's okay (yea, she actually waits for permission...) and she doesn't step out until we MAKE her. Cracks us up. But it's nice. Besides the times she's been face down in the water and can't get up, (ugh) I've really been enjoying my water girl. 

She loves the "kiddie poo" and if she had it her way, she'd live there.

Sitting on the sprinkler thing in the pool. A new favorite pastime:).
She was saying, "where'd the wata go?"

My 2 fishies. She comes by loving the pool honestly. Can't keep Mitchel out of them either. He makes it even more fun, I've gotta say.

For her birthday, Parker got a picnic table with a water/sand table under the top, and I love it! She does too:). 

Lilly thinks this is her new water bowl...hmm.

She scoops water & floats boats forever. And of course pours water on me too. It wouldn't be fun without getting mom wet, I suppose:).

Good times.

Oh, and now she's got the bucket for Lilly's water bowl. See Lilly's nose in the picture?? Parker looks so excited. I bet I had just gotten nice and wet by her & the dog. Oh so much fun....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Have you ever had one of those moments when you wanted to crawl in a hole and say, "I'm not coming out!"? It's been one of those days.

Today I had a doctor's appointment. Everything was fine, except for me! To start off, I climbed on the scale, screeched, and climbed off, 8 pounds heavier than my last visit a little over a month ago. I wanted to cover the scale and shout, "Don't look!!!" Then the nurse tells me, "he's not going to be very happy with you." Thanks. 

Then I get sent in the bathroom, for well, you know, and I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out HOW IN THE WORLD I GAINED 8 POUNDS, and forgot all about the little cups sitting next to me. Yep. Had to walk out and tell the nurse that thinks I'm fat, that I forgot to pee in a cup. Nice.

Then we head into the room, and when my dr. walks in, he notices my new friend. My nice, large, blue, POPPING vein in my leg and proceeds to tell me I needed to buy AND wear support hose for the rest of my pregnancy. Um....excuse me, but did you notice it's July outside? And that I'm 27, not 72?!

He looks at me straight in the face and says, "I'm serious, you need to wear them. They start at your hip and go straight down to cover your feet." I didn't know what to say, except, "okay." I thought about laughing, then crying, then we were done. 

Now I'm home, alone on my couch, thinking back through my day at the office, and thought I'd give someone a good laugh. I'm not laughing. Oh well.

By the way...baby's good. The heartbeat was wonderful. He says it sounds like a girl:). I said, "I like girls." At least I had one good moment in the 1 1/2 hours that I was there! Geez.

Why am I doing this again?

Oh yeah. I'm good now:).