Wednesday, June 15, 2016

That cute baby

This baby recently got to turn around to face the way big people face in the car.
I read about a year ago about the new "suggested" rear facing guidelines.
And about why they suggested keeping babies rear facing to age 2.
And I decided it sounded important enough to keep him rear facing until he's 2.
But those "suggested" guidelines? They don't know my boy.
And that at age 19 months, he's the size of your average 2 year old.
So. I finally made the executive decision that it'd be better not to have him squished & folded up up like  a contortionist every time I had to put him in the car.
And I think he approves. And I sweat less trying to wrangle that monkey in his seat.

In other news.
On Monday, at Walmart, this cutie threw a huge fit in his stroller while I was grabbing a few things.
Did you know that most people disapprove of a toddler throwing a fit in a stroller at Walmart?
Special times.
He's such a sweet guy, but sure gives this mama a run for her money these days!
That cute baby...

Monday, June 13, 2016

My lunch bunch

My lunch crew since 2007.

Mealtime at our house is messy.
And loud.
And busy.
Sometimes a dog sneaks in there & steals something out of a little boy's hand- Parker is smarter than the dog, the boys are working on it.
I made a joke the other day to someone- who was going out to lunch with friends- not to be jealous of me, because I got to go home & make lunch "for all these people."
We laughed. They knew I was kidding.
But as I drove home, I remembered how much fun I used to have making my toddler peeps food throughout the day. Like I'm pretty sure I loved it. And all the little things that came along with being a new stay at home mama.
It was such a sweet flood of memories.
And I really missed those days.

And then I realized, one day, I'll miss this too.
The chaos of 4 kids at mealtime.
This used to feel like such a privilege, but now seems just so ordinary. And sometimes maddening- if I'm being completely honest.
So I snapped a photo. And I'm determined to look past the loud, the mess & the dog…& find complete joy in my "sort of" simple days again.

Here's to this fabulous lunch bunch & the awesome lunches I make for them!
(just ignore the cereal bowl, corny dogs, & bottle of ketchup)

P.S.- this photo is in black & white because I'm fancy or because my floors were dirty…whatever sounds better.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Four boys on a couch

Nothing like my 4 boys on a couch.

One trying to take a break.
R2D2 striped socks & all.

One climbing up in his lap with the coveted screen.
Asking for help.

One constantly wanting to wrestle.
Especially when you're trying to take it easy.

And one always trying to get away.
And then back up. And then back down again.

Life swirls around me everyday.
Sometimes it's nice to notice it.
In this picture I see the mess behind these 4 guys & wish I could do a better job at keeping up with it all.
But in this picture, I also see 4 people I dearly love, 3 of which are growing & changing, sometimes it seems, daily.
I'm learning to stop. And see. Really see.
And seeing the ordinary? Makes my mundane, ordinary life seem really, really extraordinary.