Sunday, July 22, 2012

I have full hands

I once read on a mom's blog that she gets tired of hearing how full her hands are once people see how many children she has.

 That instead of people noticing how many kids she has, they'd notice how richly she'd been blessed.

 Now, when I get those comments, once people see my little ones under foot...

 as one chats my ears off, & another runs away in play (liking the panic he causes in me), & the other smiles sleepily on my shoulder,

 I remember her words.

 And I smile to myself.

 Because I know a secret...

I do have full hands, because I am truly & richly blessed.
And I am grateful, because it didn't have to be this way.

"For the Mighty One is holy, and He has done great things for me."
Luke 1:49

Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Man's First Year {Truett 2 months}

Little Truey Bear.
2 months already?
You are pure sweetness.

And sooo long.

At 2 months, you still watch the world around you with peace & patience.
You like to follow people around with your eyes.
Especially that sister & brother.
Mom & Dad aren't so bad either.

You're a talker.
Oh, the joy of a newborn being noisy.
You fit right in with this loud bunch.
But, your favorite is when dad, mom or Parker talk back to you.
That usually brings a big smile & a really cute squeal.

You have the sweetest smiles...

that you give out all day long.
I love that gummy, drooly grin.

You're calm, cuddly, a mover, trying to roll over already, & seriously cute.

Your hair is fuzzy.
Your feet little & long.
Your hands, quick to grasp whatever is put in them.

You weigh 14 pounds already.
You're already over 25 inches long.
You're a pretty great sleeper.
And...you've stolen my heart.
You're an awesome 3rd baby.
Thanks for that.
I'm going to go squish you now...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Man's First Year {Truett 1 month}

*Disclaimer: Yes. I know. My son is now 2 months old.
But...my computer battery died. Like for real. Deader than a door nail. Whatever that means.
Then, the new battery wouldn't charge. Grr.
Then it finally charged & the internet wouldn't work.
Double grr.
Now, it all seems to be working, which means, I'm back at it. I know. That makes you so happy;).
And on with why I'm really here...

 Truey Bear.
What a sweet guy you are.
Your first month was filled with...

 faces that melted our hearts.
And made us laugh.

 Reminders of how fascinating brand new babies are.
And how much joy they fill our house with.

 Lots of sweet, sleepy moments.
And, lots & lots of cuddly time.

 A baby who found his little voice.
And made us giggle with delight.

Hanging out & following me wherever I went.
And reminding me how much I missed having a little baby buddy with me every second of the day.

But mostly, your first month was spent, wrapping your family around your tiny, little finger.
We are all, totally & completely in love with you, little baby.
Your smiles make us feel so special.
Your coos fill us all with joy.
You bring constant happiness to us all & we are so grateful to call you ours.
Oh, & you're also BIG.