Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Man's First Year {Truett 2 months}

Little Truey Bear.
2 months already?
You are pure sweetness.

And sooo long.

At 2 months, you still watch the world around you with peace & patience.
You like to follow people around with your eyes.
Especially that sister & brother.
Mom & Dad aren't so bad either.

You're a talker.
Oh, the joy of a newborn being noisy.
You fit right in with this loud bunch.
But, your favorite is when dad, mom or Parker talk back to you.
That usually brings a big smile & a really cute squeal.

You have the sweetest smiles...

that you give out all day long.
I love that gummy, drooly grin.

You're calm, cuddly, a mover, trying to roll over already, & seriously cute.

Your hair is fuzzy.
Your feet little & long.
Your hands, quick to grasp whatever is put in them.

You weigh 14 pounds already.
You're already over 25 inches long.
You're a pretty great sleeper.
And...you've stolen my heart.
You're an awesome 3rd baby.
Thanks for that.
I'm going to go squish you now...

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Sherrie Kulwicki said...

I told you......third babies.....sigh.