Friday, January 28, 2011

The Busy Man Chronicles {the blur}

Trying to keep up with you these days is getting tricky.

Trying to get sweet clear pictures of you is almost impossible.

You don't stop moving much.
You're always on a mission...

usually in to something before I even realize it.
And you are oh, so fun.
You keep us laughing, & you know it.
I think you are the best boy to ever be in our family;).
You've helped me come to the conclusion that I need THIS...
if I'm ever going to get a good picture of you in the house again.
Silly, busy boy.
You'll be 14 months next week.
I want to you to stop that. But I can't wait to know you more.
You're mama & dad are crazy about you Tucker B.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Show Hope

I am a selfish person.
I like things to be the way I want them.
I get frustrated if things don't go my way.
I pray about that...a lot.
But praying about it has brought the realization that getting over selfishness requires not being so concerned over me & where I'm stuck, but instead acting on opportunities to serve & give to those who are not able to be selfish.
It is teaching me how tremendously blessed I am & how my selfishness is pretty ridiculous.
And at the same time, learning it really has nothing, at all, to do with me.
It's about Him.

What it does have to do with is others.
Show Hope is serving others. The least of others.
Babies & children who have nothing.
No mom to tuck them in bed at night.
No dad to sing a sweet song in their ear.
No mom to worry over clothes that are getting too small,
or whether they'd rather have pink or purple pajamas.

No one to kiss a boo-boo.
Or to tell them how much they love them.

Show Hope is changing lives.
They are loving the broken & poor.
They are telling them of their only real Father, who treasures them.

And they need some help.
They are building medical facilities alongside orphanages in China.
And they need supplies.
Stuff we take for granted everyday.
Like footie pajamas.

In learning to deal with selfishness (& so much more, really), giving is one way I can overcome myself.
And, thanks to Show Hope, a certain little girl is learning early on in life, what her mama is still learning everyday...
it's not about us.
There are many others who need help, & we can help them, if we are willing.
Thanks to Show Hope, she knows words like orphan & adopt.
And I like that...a lot.
If you want to help out, click here for more information.
Then you can get crazy at Target too.

“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’
Matthew 25:40

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

After a late night at the Mershawn's our kids slept in until 8:00.
Very cool.

We always spend Christmas morning at home, taking it easy, enjoying each other.
And...opening presents.

Tuck enjoyed Christmas, but he was definitely not into opening presents.
Having these out in the open helped peek his interest for a few minutes.
However, he quickly escaped to the playroom to play with his own stuff;).
A little overwhelming having to open presents on your birthday, then for 4 other Christmases.
It's a rough life.
Parker, on the other hand, was THRILLED it was Christmas.

We had a great helper, in case we couldn't figure out how to open our presents.
I love Bakerella...
Mitchel got some cool stuff too.
I think he was opening his new arm band for his iPhone for running.
Don't ask me how it works...
just kidding.

Our Christmas ended at my mom & dad's.
My mom had to work that day, so we spent a lot of time playing, trying to watch a few movies, & eating.
Having Chad & CC there was so great.
But the greatest of all was having Okee there.
He is SWEET.

We attempted some family shots.
The best of my kids.

Aw. That's nice.

The best of our family.
Something is wrong with my lips.
And the camera magnifies it.
My mom & a few friends keep telling me to go to a dermatologist.
I keep hoping it goes away...
Can you tell how red it is around my mouth?

Time for presents.
And...the only picture of Chad, Crystal & Owen.
That is on my list this year.
Getting pictures of FAMILY...
Really...how hard is that?
Apparently hard.

And that was our Christmas.
It was so fun having my sister & Chad here.
It went by so fast, but we spent A LOT of time with them.
I ended this with a picture of my babies.
I want to remember how curious & busy & sweet Tucker was at the end of last year.
And I want to remember how young & innocent Parker was.
She seems big. Really big.
But I know that she's not. And I want to remember that.
And I am so thankful to be their mom.
Raising them is stretching, beautiful, hard, awesome, tiring, powerful, & the best part of my life right now.
2011 has great promise & I pray it does for you too!

Now that that's done...
I have a few fun things to share with you this week & next.
Some ways to get your kids helping others.
Evidently that is a new found passion of mine.
For good reason I suppose:)...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve.
So exciting.
And sooo busy.

Last year, I remember rushing around like a crazy lady ALL day.
I hate that that's my memory.
So this year, I was more intentional about our day.
A little cleaning up, some present wrapping, gingerbread house decorating, lunch, naptime, then running around like a crazy lady.
Oh well. At least I tried:).

It's a little busy because there's so much packed into our evening.
But, it's really worth it.
Once 6:00 rolls around, we're at church, remembering the reason we really love Christmas.

After church, we head to Mitchel's parents for dinner.
Then presents.
It's wild & crazy with all those grandkids.
But it's infectious to be around kids at Christmas.

Some cousin wrestling & music.

Then the fun began.
Poor Papa.

Merry Christmas Eve.
Maybe I'll actually get Christmas Day up by next week...or at least before Valentine's Day.