Saturday, February 19, 2011

Three Year Times: 5 {Your Song}

"I thank God for this day.

For the sun in the sky.
For my mom & my dad.

For my piece of apple pie.

For my home on the ground,
for His love that's all around.

That's why I say thanks everyday..."

-Veggie Tales

Saturday, February 5, 2011

30 minutes is all you need

It all started with some snow...

and it only took 30 minutes.
We came, we saw, we conquered...then there were tears.
And some warming up by a fire.
And nice long naps.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Three Year Times: 4 {Letter games...}

You love games.
You love to play with us.
You don't play alone too much, but I know one day that will change & I'll be missing your constant begging to come & play with you.

I found you & your dad like this a few Saturday morning's ago.
All the flashcards spread out, you & dad putting them back in order one by one.
Practicing the sounds, saying the names of the pictures.

So proud & happy whether you knew the letter or not.
Just having fun.
It's so cool watching you becoming a kid.
Seeing the twinkle in your eye & remembering what things were like when I was little.

As you stacked your letters one by one, I told dad how important it is that everyone that means something to you, should help you learn.
I told him I learned that when I was teaching.
How the more important people, like dad's, grandparent's....who get involved will teach you how important learning really is.
How it makes it more fun.
That made him smile.
He knows how I get excited over things like that.

But he & you were just content to keep up your made up game.
So, I minded my own business & let you finish.

And soaked in a sweet moment between you & dad.
You really do amaze us. You know so many letters already.
You're recognizing numbers now too.
And you have become a great artist & writer.
Not to mention you work an iPhone better than some adults I know.
Crazy kid.
We're oh so proud of you. You are the smartest girl we know;)!