Monday, December 15, 2014

Lincoln Life {one month & counting}

 My sweet Lincoln.
You are such a special gift to our family.
Everyone thinks you are the greatest thing ever.
And we're all right!

 Your first month of life will be some of my favorite memories for a long time.
We just were. Me & you & your dad & your crazy brothers & sister.
Especially me & you.
We came home from the hospital & introduced you to life as we know it.
And you fell right in. Like you belonged. As you do.

 And then we stayed here.
Day after day. It was glorious.
Life around here can get pretty busy.
And really crazy. I don't always like that.
And when you came, you helped me slow.
Slow everything. And I remembered what a gift that was.

 Thank you. Because now, I have your first weeks etched in my mind with nothing else interfering.
Your daddy was home almost a whole week.
Your Grammy came the next week.
Slow time with people I love, thanks to you.

 Your first month also included:
Learning a schedule. Which you are a genius at.
You came home from the hospital only waking up twice a night hungry.
And you always go right back to sleep.

Learning to like a paci.
Learning the faces of the voices you knew all too well.

Melting your mama's heart every time you looked at her with those sweet, shiny, newborn eyes.
Doctor visits, showing off what a good eater you are.
(4 weeks- 11 lbs 13 oz, 24 in)
Being swaddled up tight.
Listening to your mom & dad oooh & aww over how tiny you were.
Hating bath time.
Loving cuddling.
Meeting so many sweet people, who blessed us so much with dinners for over 2 weeks!
A mama could get used to that.

And at 4 weeks?
Flashing that first real gummy grin.
The first of many.
Oh man, we love you, Lincoln.
Thanks for growing me, stretching me, winning me, needing me, & letting me in.
Goodness I love being your mom.
Happy one month littlest brother!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lincoln Life {3-4 weeks}

Oh, this little Lincoln…
He's just too much.
And I am terribly in love with him.
His 3rd & 4th weeks were pretty much a repeat of the first 2.
With just as many, if not more, squishes, snuggles & cuddles.

Did I mention, he's grown?
A lot?
Cuz, he has.

He shares some really sweet smiles.

Just not with the camera.

And he still gets all dreamy & sleepy.

His mama would still really love to join him.

But you can't see what he sees behind the camera.
The crazy crew.
They love him.
And keep the mama on her toes.

But I'm still finding time to shoot photos of my little lump of sweetness in one of my fave outfits from 3 babies ago.
It helps me block out some of my reality.
But only some.
Because my reality really doesn't like being blocked out.
It's an in your face, really loud kind of reality.
And it knows my name.
"Mom!" "M-O-O-O-O-M!!!"
Sometimes I pretend not to know "mom."
It doesn't work. They just get mad. Oh well.

He seized an opportunity.
I married a very smart man.
Since I missed this glorious opportunity, I just took a picture of it.
It made me happy to see that they have the same sleep face.
Oh, my boys.

Then there's this.
Lots of sweet gazing going on thanks to Mr. Lincoln.

She loves this little guy a lot too.
And I love her.
She adds a lot of flare & drama & song to my life.
In the best, loudest ways possible.

That shirt couldn't be more right.
Man I heart him.
And I'm beyond grateful that the Lord put him in my arms.
I can't wait to see what he adds to this nut house.
Actually. I can wait.
I'm loving my slow days with my littlest man.
Also. My baby is now over a month old.
Pass the tissues please.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year.
I love the food.
I love the desserts.
I love being with family.
But I really love reflecting on what I'm most thankful for.
Thankfulness is a game changer for me.
It's what pulls me out of a funk fastest.
I'm sure the Lord is all behind that…

We trade off families each year for Thanksgiving.
This year we were with the Mershawn's.
Technically the McNellis'. They would correct me over that one, for sure.

These girls.
Lifelong buddies.
6 months apart. One hates that fact.
One loves it.
I'll let you figure out who is who…
mine is the one 6 months older. There's your hint.

Our sweet Tuck.
He's still a pretty shy guy.
He was still warming up to everyone in these pictures.
But he sucked it up & didn't miss any fun.

This side of the family has lots of cousins.
Mitchel is the youngest in the first wave.
Which means the second wave of cousins are at awesome ages, that love our little ones.
They rock.
And they're super sweet. My kids loved them.

Just the cutest little guy.
I love him.
Also. Not shy.
At all.
He was stealing candy like a crazy person.

That sweet face spells one word: TROUBLE.

Love that guy too.
A lot a lot.

And this sweet girl.
She's such a hard worker these days.
I'm so proud of her.

The gingerbread houses were a huge hit with all the little ones.
Kept their little hands busy, while we enjoyed our lunch.
But there were a lot of big kids that came around eventually.
Nothing like working on something with your hands to draw everyone together.

A jealous golden-doodle.

My favorite table (dessert) of Thanksgiving with one of our lovely hosts.

And his beautiful wife.
Doing all of the dishes.
Bless her heart.

There was football watching.
And lots of baby passing.

There's that awesome smile.

Oooh, man.
Trouble, right there.
But way cute, squishable trouble.

Uncle Mike shenanigans.
With a really cute baby.

And my people.
Words can't express how thankful I am for all of them.
And for Jesus.
I am tremendously blessed.
Thanksgiving 2014 was a really great one.