Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lincoln Life {3-4 weeks}

Oh, this little Lincoln…
He's just too much.
And I am terribly in love with him.
His 3rd & 4th weeks were pretty much a repeat of the first 2.
With just as many, if not more, squishes, snuggles & cuddles.

Did I mention, he's grown?
A lot?
Cuz, he has.

He shares some really sweet smiles.

Just not with the camera.

And he still gets all dreamy & sleepy.

His mama would still really love to join him.

But you can't see what he sees behind the camera.
The crazy crew.
They love him.
And keep the mama on her toes.

But I'm still finding time to shoot photos of my little lump of sweetness in one of my fave outfits from 3 babies ago.
It helps me block out some of my reality.
But only some.
Because my reality really doesn't like being blocked out.
It's an in your face, really loud kind of reality.
And it knows my name.
"Mom!" "M-O-O-O-O-M!!!"
Sometimes I pretend not to know "mom."
It doesn't work. They just get mad. Oh well.

He seized an opportunity.
I married a very smart man.
Since I missed this glorious opportunity, I just took a picture of it.
It made me happy to see that they have the same sleep face.
Oh, my boys.

Then there's this.
Lots of sweet gazing going on thanks to Mr. Lincoln.

She loves this little guy a lot too.
And I love her.
She adds a lot of flare & drama & song to my life.
In the best, loudest ways possible.

That shirt couldn't be more right.
Man I heart him.
And I'm beyond grateful that the Lord put him in my arms.
I can't wait to see what he adds to this nut house.
Actually. I can wait.
I'm loving my slow days with my littlest man.
Also. My baby is now over a month old.
Pass the tissues please.

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