Friday, August 27, 2010

Craft Hope pillowcases

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time
Craft Hope has another project going.
Project 9.
You may remember about 2 months or so ago they were raising hand made washcloths for the people cleaning the animals from the Gulf oil spill.
This time they're collecting pillowcases for an organization called Conkerr Cancer.
They give pillowcases to childrens' hopsitals around the nation to give to cancer patients.

So...why am I posting about this??
Well, I know that a few of you friends of mine are of the sewing kind:) & thought you might like to join me in making some pillowcases for some sick/healing kids.
You can read more about it HERE.

If you are interested...
Make as many as you'd like, then you can drop them with me at home, church, with Mitchel...(you get the idea) & I'll take care of the rest.
One of the cool things about this is, you find the chapter in your home town & send them to the coordinator. So our pillow cases will be going to kids at Children's Medical Center Dallas or Medical City Children's Hospital Dallas. I really like that. Hits home a little harder for me.
The deadline is September 15th. I'd like to have them all by the 12th, to get organized & then get them sent.
It's a great way to get kids involved with helping others too.
Miss P & I are already making plans on what kinds of fabric to buy for these kids.
She knows how it feels to be sick.
But she doesn't know that some kids are sick for a very long time & have to stay in the hospital until they are all better.
We'll be talking about that & reading some books to help her understand that she's one blessed lady & to help her WANT to help these sick kids. We'll probably make some cards to go along with our pillowcases. She likes making cards. It works out...

If you want to join me...leave me a comment & we'll work out the details:).
If not, no big deal.
But would you join us in praying for these families over the next week?
Thanks! Yay!

By the way:
Beach pictures are coming...

Consider this your warning. We're a picture crazy family.
So thankful for healthy babies...

Monday, August 23, 2010

A little tie diy...

Mr. Tuck is getting quite the attention in these way too cute onesies.
found this a while back.
They make tie shirts & shared their pattern online.
I, with a brand new baby boy, LOVED them, but wanted a much smaller version.
So, I made it in onesie form.
Super fun & super easy...really, I mean it.

I started like I do most of my projects:
getting Mitchel to draw out what I want.
Hey, if you had a super artistic husband, you'd do the same.
He made me a baby tie pattern.
I probably could've done it myself (which means you can too), but he's a much easier, & cuter, solution.

Next up, grab your fabric...

Then trace out your shape.
On the tutorial for the tie shirts, they suggest tracing the top of the tie one way, & then the bottom of the tie the opposite way.
Make sense? You'll see once its sewn...

Pin your pieces on your shirt.
You'll want to pin it pretty well.
You could even use that adhesive stuff on the tie pieces, to hold it in place even better.
I'm a short cut kind of gal...
but it is a little tricky sewing with knit, so if it makes you nervous, that stuff would really help.

Start sewing!
You can do a straight stitch or zig zag.
I've recently discovered that I love sewing these on with a big zig zag.
It makes it so easy & quick.
And I like the way it looks.
Win, win...win.

See what I mean about the top being turned one way & the bottom the other?
What do you think?
I'm in love with these things....
And the boy who wears them:

So...wear it to give yourself a hand,

to show off your new skills,

and to laugh at a funny sister.
Happy sewing!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Year Times: 3 {Trike Ridin'}

On a certain 3rd birthday, a certain little girl got a little pink tricycle.
Actually, it's not all that little.
See those steps on the back?
I think they could carry your dad...
You'd been riding around the house for weeks before we finally took you out for a real test drive.

That baby brother always enjoys a good outdoor show.
You provided that for him.
And he was having a grand time.
Lots of squeals & growls were cheering you on.

You looked good on that tricycle.
Like the real deal.
But...the actual riding & steering proved a little more difficult to master.
That's okay, though. We were just learning.

Dad stuck right by your side.
He's good like that.

I love that.

You made it down the block & back.
Then frustration set in.

That's okay.
We understand.
It's not easy learning to ride a little pink tricycle.
So what should we do now?

Oh! I know...
Have dad save the day.
That's always a great solution!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Newest Nephew

Baby Okee.
His initials are OK.
I've labeled him now.
No, he's not from Oklahoma.
But he's plain CUTE.
I miss him.
Crystal, give him a kiss from us!

His little feet & legs folded up perfectly against his belly.
A little evidence of how he laid on the inside.

These photos turned out blurry.
Oh well. He's still sweet, though.
And we can't wait to come see you again baby Okee.

I wanted to say thanks for all the sweet comments & the prayers for our family.
My cousins are doing as well as can be expected.
But they are doing okay.
Lots of tears. Broken hearts.
But they know they have a hope in the Lord & are clinging to that.
The memorial for Noah will be on Friday.
We're on vacation in Florida & my parents are visiting my sister, so we will not be there for the service.
But we will be praying for them that day.
Would you mind doing that too?
Thanks. I know they'll need comfort & peace more than anything.
Little Noah...we love you & wish you were here...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Countdown 1 year {8 months}

Tucker you are 8 months old.
And you are busy, busy, busy.

You sleep between 10 & 12 hours every night.
In the morning you wake up happy.
So happy that you crack yourself up in your bed.
I usually hear the sound of your feet being flopped on your bed as hard as you can.

You eat really well.
Cereal. Fruit. Veggies.
You're a good eater.
You have finally slowed down a little on your growing.
You can still squeeze that baby bod into some of your 3-6 month clothes, but mostly everything else is 6-12 months.
Your feet however...seem to have left the rest of your body behind.
Which makes them all the more fun to squish.

You spend your days eating, sleeping, & curiously playing with ANYTHING you can get your hands on.
You love being read to. You love being sung to.
You still love your thumb & your blankie.
You started crawling 2 weeks before your 8 month bday.
The next day you started pulling up on things & you haven't stopped.
You've now learned the hard way about bumps on your head & how they hurt.

You still love your mama.
I think that is the best thing I've typed so far:).
I love how you are so happy all the time. How you are so content to explore the world around you. How you love your sister. How you love your dad. The excitable way you crawl to the back door to sneak a peek at Lilly. I love your noises. Especially your growls. I love your squishy arms, your stout chest, & your fuzzy head.
Mostly I just love you. You've definitely stolen our hearts.
And every time you grab for me, bury your head against me & wrap your arms around my neck, it gets worse.
Happy 8 months sweet boy.

Baby Noah

Baby Noah went to be with Jesus this morning.
Please keep praying for his mom & dad.

They'll be leaving the hospital with empty arms in a couple of days, 
& I can't begin to imagine how painful that will be.
Thanks for all the prayers.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Home & another new baby

Tuck & I are back from Chad & Crystal's.
Baby Owen is super sweet.
I have pictures, but the camera battery is dead & I haven't taken time to charge it yet.
We had a great time just chillin' with the sweet new family.
Now we're home & the house was left cleaner than I left it (& I worked hard, so that's something) & some countertop work was started (something we're excited about).
Feels good to be home & sad that we won't see Owen for a while.
But so good to be home.

My cousin & his wife (Brandon & Kylie) are expecting their first baby in November.
She was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia on Tuesday.
The baby's heart rate has been showing signs of distress, & so he was delivered today.
He was 26 weeks today, but still measuring small.
He came into the world crying, which was a good sign.
But he's not even a pound.
He will be critical for the next 2 weeks. His name is Noah.
Would you please pray for him & his sweet new parents.
I can only imagine how terribly hard this path will be for them.
But we're praying & believing that the Lord is in control & that He knows Noah & has a plan for him for good.
We have a great hope.
I'll keep you posted...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

He's here!

So he's not "here."
He's in Missouri.
So far away.
But our new nephew arrived yesterday & looks perfect.
I can NOT wait to hold & see that guy in person.
It's a different feeling when your little sister has a baby.
I've been an aunt since I got married.
And those nieces & nephews are great.
They're definitely something special.
But now I'm an aunt to MY sister's baby.
It feels cool. I'll let you know how cool once I meet him face to face.
Next week. Tuck & I will.
Owen!! Get ready...Auntie Am is comin'!
He's gonna love me...
I hope. Hmm.
I'm bringing gifts...he will.
BTW- everything went great.
Your prayers were much appreciated for them all.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My sister is having a baby

Many of you know that my sister is having a baby.
She was due on Wednesday.
At church today, I was asked by lots of people about her.
My answer to all of them & now you:
No. She has not had her baby yet.

*Clearly she is not pregnant in this picture...however, if you'd like to think that she is, I'm sure she'd be fine with that.
And, that's Chad, her husband. I know you know that. I'm just sayin' is all.

Its crazy to be on the waiting side.
I was getting used to being the one making everybody wait on edge:).
I kind of enjoy that.
Not so fun having to wait on this side...
Or maybe it is.

Anyway. I'm rambling...
She will be having that baby at some point in the week.
We can't wait to meet that new sweet guy.
And to end this anxious anticipation...
I'll keep you posted. I'm sure she'll love that!

And. I get to visit our newest family addition in a little over a week...
I have onesie plans in the works for him.
Owen!! Come out!