Monday, August 23, 2010

A little tie diy...

Mr. Tuck is getting quite the attention in these way too cute onesies.
found this a while back.
They make tie shirts & shared their pattern online.
I, with a brand new baby boy, LOVED them, but wanted a much smaller version.
So, I made it in onesie form.
Super fun & super easy...really, I mean it.

I started like I do most of my projects:
getting Mitchel to draw out what I want.
Hey, if you had a super artistic husband, you'd do the same.
He made me a baby tie pattern.
I probably could've done it myself (which means you can too), but he's a much easier, & cuter, solution.

Next up, grab your fabric...

Then trace out your shape.
On the tutorial for the tie shirts, they suggest tracing the top of the tie one way, & then the bottom of the tie the opposite way.
Make sense? You'll see once its sewn...

Pin your pieces on your shirt.
You'll want to pin it pretty well.
You could even use that adhesive stuff on the tie pieces, to hold it in place even better.
I'm a short cut kind of gal...
but it is a little tricky sewing with knit, so if it makes you nervous, that stuff would really help.

Start sewing!
You can do a straight stitch or zig zag.
I've recently discovered that I love sewing these on with a big zig zag.
It makes it so easy & quick.
And I like the way it looks.
Win, win...win.

See what I mean about the top being turned one way & the bottom the other?
What do you think?
I'm in love with these things....
And the boy who wears them:

So...wear it to give yourself a hand,

to show off your new skills,

and to laugh at a funny sister.
Happy sewing!


~SHO~ said...

Love it! What a fun project. Will be on my list to make as a gift :)

Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

You are so crafty!! My mom made one of those for Carson...so cute!! I need to learn how to sew, so I can start copying some of your fun projects :)

The Johnson's said...

So cute!:) Perfect for little boys! I made Slade one and I love it on him!:)