Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pillowcases for Africa {the details}

How the pillowcase party came together:

Handmade invites.
I found a few ideas on pinterest & made something that worked for me.

LOTS of pins.
There was another full pin cushion & a whole container too.
Good thing I happened to have hundreds of them around...
Why? Jury's still out on that one.

Everyone who attended the party was asked to bring 2 pillowcases & 2 packages of bias tape.

And I supplied anything they might want to use to decorate their pillowcase...rick rack, ribbon, fabric scraps, you get the idea.
Of course I really only had a few packages of rick rack & a couple things of ribbon.
But fabric scraps?
Um. Yeah. Plenty.

Blurry sign for the work station.

Long table for prep work...cutting, pinning, measuring...

and plenty of 1/2 inch elastic.
I went ahead & supplied that too.
Cheap & easier on the girls coming.
I also had an ironing board & 2 irons set up behind that table.
It was needed for ironing down elastic encasings.
Needed another one...

Blurry sign for the sewing machine table.
We had 3. And then Sheri showed up with hers.
Lifesaver. 4 was perfect.
Or maybe 5 would've been better.
Hindsight. It's 20/20...

The directions for making pillowcase dresses.
Straight out of the Craft Hope book.

Friendly sunflowers (or, ahem, weeds....).

And super, enthusiastic friends...

that made this party a lot of fun.
I really appreciated that everyone seemed so happy...

& so willing to slave all night...

to bring little girls some joy. And love.
And the best part??
Drum roll please....

We're doing it again!
We have time for another party before the Africa team heads out, so... plans are underway!
I hope you guys are up for another night of hard work, but all the dresses we'll be able to send will be SO worth it.
Let me know if you're up for it....yay!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pillowcases for Africa {a party}

I had a party on Friday.
It involved sewing, friends, & food.
A girly party- only you didn't have to buy anything before you left.
A party meant to give.
To orphan girls in Africa.
The idea started when I read this post- by my blog friend. :)
(ok...technically, we're not friends. But I read her blog everyday...)

Good friends make a party great.
They were awesome & made dresses like crazy.

I was so thrilled to have people actually show up.
I knew a sewing party would be scary to some, but they came anyway.

Good food makes a party, too.

Martha cupcakes (they were dry- waaa- it was my fault).

In the end, we had 30 dresses.

30. In one night.

For little girls.
To show them love.
I wish I could be there to watch the party when they're opened.
God's love wrapped up in a dress.
I think this is one of the most favorite parties I've ever had.
It feels good when there's a greater purpose.

*Don't worry girls who came to the party that are reading this.
I was very careful about the way I hung up those dresses.
They are actually all washed & safely back inside their own bags again;).

More party details to come...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miss P {4 years}

Parker at 4 months.
Sweet, sweet, sweet.
And so happy. I could eat that baby up.

Parker at 4 years.
Wait, what?

Girl, you have spunk & spirit.
You keep your mom & dad on their toes.
You ask lots of questions, are always thinking one step ahead, & aren't afraid to speak your mind.

You are refreshingly alive.
You bring life to all you do.
Whether it's giving a big hug, or throwing a big fit, it's full & rich.

I know it's already a known fact...but I can't believe it's been 4 years.
As a baby you were so easy & laid back.
At 1, you took things slowly & deliberately, & were so, so sweet.
At 2, you talked & talked, & had many happy happy moments.
At 3, you found independence.
And now. You are 4.

You love girly things.
Sparkles & pink, frills & tutu's, painted fingernails & bows in your hair.
You love to draw & write.
You can count to 100, when you have help with the tens.
It's been incredible to watch you grow into such a bright little lady.
You write your name, your family's names, can name all letters & many letter sounds.
Your kindergarten teacher will love you;).

You love to read.
Books are a fun escape for you.
Most times, you snuggle up to mom or dad with your blanket & quietly take in whatever it is you've chosen.

You have a very sweet spirit & yet a drive to have things the way you see them.
And, that's great.
It's hard sometimes now, but when we look at the big picture, we see God's hand in that personality.
And that, makes me smile.

You are a truly great big sister.
You invite Tucker along to play most anywhere you go...unless it's an intrusion to an already planned out event in your mind.
You are gracious when he pulls your hair, reminding yourself, he's learning that's not okay.
You are sympathetic when he feels bad or gets sad.
You make things better when he gets hurt.
And it hurts your feelings when he won't give you a hug.
You love that boy.
In fact you informed me the other day you want another brother.
If only you knew what that would really be like;).

You love to swim, paint, ride your bike, play with your 3 babies, twirl & dance, run, dress up, watch movies, & craft.
You are beginning to understand that there's a bigger world around you.
And we are teaching you that we are here to serve & love them.
And, you are understanding.
I love, love, love being your mom.
I cannot imagine life without you, my ladybug.
You bring us joy. You bring us more patience.
You make me laugh daily. That giggle would make anyone smile.
And you are treasured by Dad, Tuck, me, & so many more.
Enjoy being 4. It's a good number to be:)!
And...slow down. We love you sweet P!