Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

As I sit here, typing away, Mitchel is putting the finishing touches on the last of his Christmas business, Parker is snuggled up warm in bed, and The Polar Express is playing in the background. Oh....and Lilly is licking her feet. Hmmm. So much for the peaceful scene I was setting up.
I get very thankful this time of year for the ways the Lord has blessed us, and this year is no exception. The tree is trimmed with nicely decorated packages, the kitchen is overflowing with baked goodies from friends, family, and myself, and I have a silly, beautiful baby girl, and a wonderfully sweet, kind, and good husband. 
I've been thinking a lot about Mary here lately, and what life must have been like for her as the mother to Jesus. I've read so much about that this year, and it brings me to tears to think what a long, hard, glorious road that must've been for her and Joseph. I'm so very glad that I can somewhat understand the burden, sacrifice, and love that was poured out over that baby, child, and man now that I'm a mom. However, I pray that God would reveal in me the power Mary had in the Him. I want all that He has to offer Parker, and yet I know that requires sacrifice and determination on my part. So day by day we go.
This has been a wonderful holiday season for us. We've stayed well, praise the Lord! And Parker has really enjoyed all of the special things that come along with the holidays. In our advent calendar this year, we placed in each door a mini m&m for each day, so now every time she walks by it she points and says, "mmmm." We baked cookies today, and I thought she would have lots of fun playing with the sugar cookie dough and helping cut out the cookies. Ha! I gave her a chunk of dough, and you guessed it, right in her mouth it went! I mean A LOT...I about fell on the floor laughing. What a great idea that was! She ended up with flour all over her and sneaking 2 MORE chunks of dough into her mouth before I had enough of that fun. We'll try again next year I guess! Little turkey, or maybe that would be my fault:). We are eagerly anticipating the fun tomorrow will bring for her. We pray you all have a very blessed Christmas, and enjoy the pictures below. Merry Christmas!
Santa, Parker, and oh yes, mom. We had a nice FAMILY photo with Santa this year. Ha!
Our girl, coloring a Santa picture.
Christmas at Nana's. Yes, a purse, necklaces, and a bracelet. No doubt about it, she's a girl:).
Christmas Eve at Mimi & Papa's.
Being silly in reindeer ears. They had jingle bells on the antlers, and she kept shaking her head to make them jingle. That girl cracks me up! I just love her.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pictures at the Park

So yesterday we headed out to our local park to take some pictures for Christmas and to take Parker's 18 month pictures. She had a great time despite the fact the wind was fierce that day. We found a nice big field, and Parker ran with freedom, picking up random leaves here and there. She also discovered how much fun it is to jump and stomp on the bridge over the pond. There were ducks swimming all around and two that were quite friendly. We had a great time just playing outside in the good ol' Texas crazy December weather. 

I was a little nervous watching Parker run around like a wild woman in her pretty little Christmas dress. But rest assured, it's all still in tact!

Showing dad around and watching the leaves blow by.

Just Parker and dad.

Parker being silly looking for the ducks.

We're keeping busy, in full swing of Christmas shopping, baking, and preparations. Parker is catching on to the excitement too. She loves Christmas lights, trees, and music. Sunday on the way home from church, she was falling asleep in the car, and then much to Mitchel's shock, she popped her head up and started singing gleefully along with Charlie Brown's Christmas music. She cracks me up! We took her to the Rockwall Christmas Parade on Saturday, and we'll end with a picture of our girl all bundled up.

You can tell it's cold....just look at that red nose:)!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving a little late! We hope you all had a wonderful day. Our day was filled with family and food. Parker had lots of fun playing with her cousins at the park and at Aunt Deloris' house. She greatly enjoyed eating cake but didn't enjoy the turkey so much. Oh well, one day she'll figure out it's all good:)! Poor Mitchel ended up getting sick (oh yes, again) the next day, so our holiday shopping didn't happen last weekend, and Parker and I spent the weekend tending to her sick dad.
The official count for stomach viruses in the Mershawn household this fall is up to 3. Yuck! We've never been sick this often I don't think in our life. Oh well, I'm saying we're done for years to come with stomach bugs.
Moving on...I'm finally getting some pictures up of Parker and Mitchel from our many adventures of October and November, although, none of Thanksgiving. Ha! Oh well.

Here's Parker with Mitchel on the pony ride at LakePointe's Fall Festival. She LOVED every minute of being on that pony, and when it was time to get off...she was NOT happy. She shook her head no with force, and cried. I guess her and that pony had a special connection;). Aunt CC, you may have a niece with your passion! Ha!

Parker and her friend Isaiah befriending a duck in the petting zoo at the Fall Festival. Parker thought he was so cute. "Ohhhhh."

Okay...getting a little redneck on you here... Mitchel's 9-point from his opening weekend hunting trip. It's already proudly mounted with his 2 others in his office at work- at least it's not at home! hehe

We hope you all have had a nice holiday weekend full of shopping, turkey, and rest... and without a stomach virus! We are eagerly anticipating Christmas this year, now that Parker is so much more excitable. She already loves and begs for more Christmas lights out driving around, and daily reminds us of our Christmas tree and how to turn the lights on. Such a first born!