Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Easter 2011

Sorry. :)
We spent Good Friday this year at my mom & dad's & forgot our camera.
Sad. It was a good day. Fast, but good. Even had an awesome Easter egg hunt.
Then we were off to church for a candle light service.

Sunday morning was a wonderful celebration & then we were off to the Mershawn's for the rest of the day.

The kids had a fun surprise waiting for them.
They're Papa had redone a seesaw that has been around since Mitchel was a little boy.
It was the hit of the day.

Our boy is always up for being outside.
Of course what kid isn't.
Even in a bow tie. He was pretty hard to resist in that thing.
Miss P spent a lot of time on that seesaw in her little dress.
She's girly like that. And sweet.

Tuck & his Papa.

Mimi & Papa with 3 of the 7 grandkids.
Can you tell they're related?

We took 4 pictures just like this.
We all made silly noises & family waved their hands all around.
P girl was a great sport.
But, the thumb never left the little boy's mouth.
Not a smile was cracked.
Then, he was done.
Oh well. Memories baby.

Lunch, a quick clothes change, then an Easter egg hunt.

He thought it was so great.
Especially when he discovered there was candy inside.
I don't think Parker had an M&M until sometime after she was 2.
He's fast. And funny.
I'm in trouble.

Our sweet girl ran all around the yard trying to get as many eggs as she could before her brother found them.
When asked why...
"Well. He already has 3."
Big sisters. We're good thinkers.
Hope you had a great Easter!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter time 2011

Well...Happy late Easter.
Sorry I've been absent again.
Still having problems with our computer:(.
But, that has nothing to do with Easter.
And, I'd rather talk about that...

Easter, over the years, has become more & more special to me.
Now that I have my own children, I want them to grasp the reality of Easter as they grow.
I know every year for them it will represent something different & more.
So, we teach them, hoping for something real to touch their hearts to spark a yearning for more.

Jesus is why we celebrate Easter.
We feel the importance & urgency to use this holiday as a reminder & a focus for our children.
It's good. Easter rolls are a great representation of the empty tomb.
And they're yummy.

You probably saw these around the web this year.
An Easter tree.

It has added excitement & anticipation to our household.

And a constant reminder.

And, let me tell you...
Mitchel & I love the stories leading up to the crucifixion & resurrection just as much as our kids.
It's so good to be reminded & to live with the reality of what it took to save me.
And my husband. And our kids.
To feel the love that was laid before us.
And the freedom that what was so freely given.
Easter is good.

I do have pictures...but they will come tomorrow!
So...Happy Easter from us:).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

For someone else

This year, I decided to make weekly goals for myself, my kids, & our family.

One of those goals is to do something for someone every week.

It's a goal for Parker & for me.

I wanted the opportunity to show her how we should always be thinking of others. And to show her how sometimes something very simple can make someone feel very loved & special.

I've found that being intentional is a very important part of motherhood for me. When I'm thinking ahead to the bigger picture, it helps me make wiser decisions.

My kids will only be young & impressionable once. And I want to make every opportunity to learn about God's love, how we are to give it & live it, real & practical to them.

She's learning to be a giver & I really like that. She has a precious heart & God WILL use it for His glory.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Busy Man Chronicles {15 months}

Well...did you miss me?
I know I'm probably not the most integral part of anyone's day, but I felt I needed to explain my neglectful ways on my blog anyway.
Our laptop charger broke. In a bad way.
And then I had no internet access except through my phone.
Which has "small" internet. Nice, unless you want to post on your blog.
And, unless all your pictures are locked away on your DEAD computer.
Thankfully, over the weekend we snatched up a charger & I'm back.
Thank goodness...I don't know how much more I could've taken.
Just kidding. Maybe.
Now, on to a cute subject...
Now that you are just about 16 months...

You are a bunch of fun & bounding with energy.
You never stop moving Mr. Tuck.
You find joy in most of your days.
And, you are helping this mama tone up her thighs...
or at least I can hope.

You are long & lean.
And still very strong.
You can reach up on your tip toes to reach things on the edge of our counters.
Which means, you get ahold of things that should be out of your reach.
You make us a little nervous when you get quiet.

You are very curious.
You love dogs.
Da-da has become a favorite word & is quickly replacing a certain mama as a favorite person.
That's ok.
You still love to cuddle with me, & I still soak in every minute.
You are very, very sweet.
Everyone notices.

And, you are very busy.
Everyone notices that too.
You have learned so many things since your 1st birthday.
So many new words, how to communicate.
You shake your head yes & no.
You bring me your shoes or a diaper when I ask.
You throw things in the trash.
You've learned to scream when you don't get your way. Hmm.
You weigh 21 lbs.
You are 55th% for your height.
Your head has finally slowed down:).
But the best thing about having a 15 month old (well, ok, 16 month old) boy around our house...
is getting to know you best, praying over you, & getting to love you to pieces every single day.
You're so cool Tucker B.