Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter time 2011

Well...Happy late Easter.
Sorry I've been absent again.
Still having problems with our computer:(.
But, that has nothing to do with Easter.
And, I'd rather talk about that...

Easter, over the years, has become more & more special to me.
Now that I have my own children, I want them to grasp the reality of Easter as they grow.
I know every year for them it will represent something different & more.
So, we teach them, hoping for something real to touch their hearts to spark a yearning for more.

Jesus is why we celebrate Easter.
We feel the importance & urgency to use this holiday as a reminder & a focus for our children.
It's good. Easter rolls are a great representation of the empty tomb.
And they're yummy.

You probably saw these around the web this year.
An Easter tree.

It has added excitement & anticipation to our household.

And a constant reminder.

And, let me tell you...
Mitchel & I love the stories leading up to the crucifixion & resurrection just as much as our kids.
It's so good to be reminded & to live with the reality of what it took to save me.
And my husband. And our kids.
To feel the love that was laid before us.
And the freedom that what was so freely given.
Easter is good.

I do have pictures...but they will come tomorrow!
So...Happy Easter from us:).

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