Sunday, April 10, 2011

For someone else

This year, I decided to make weekly goals for myself, my kids, & our family.

One of those goals is to do something for someone every week.

It's a goal for Parker & for me.

I wanted the opportunity to show her how we should always be thinking of others. And to show her how sometimes something very simple can make someone feel very loved & special.

I've found that being intentional is a very important part of motherhood for me. When I'm thinking ahead to the bigger picture, it helps me make wiser decisions.

My kids will only be young & impressionable once. And I want to make every opportunity to learn about God's love, how we are to give it & live it, real & practical to them.

She's learning to be a giver & I really like that. She has a precious heart & God WILL use it for His glory.


The Johnson's said...

This is a great idea! ... your such a great mommy!:)

Tina Certain said...

What a wonderful gift a mom can impart to her daughter! Parker you are such a blessing and already have a sweet heart. Can't wait to see what God has in His plan for you! Love from Grammy!