Monday, September 26, 2011

The good stuff...

that makes my day.
Days as a mom are full.
Full of laundry, cleaning, cooking, picking up, diapers, messes, dishes, whining, refereeing, fits, crying...well, you get the picture.
But on each of those days, that can seem so full of the hard stuff, you also get the good stuff.

Like walking in on an impromptu piano recital, by a brother & sister.

Like seeing your baby sitting so still, you could almost see him growing right in front of you.
(that's the piano I learned to play on...& I can still play out of that book. I know you're impressed, since you can see it has pictures & stickers in it...I got skills baby)

Like little feet, so proud to be able to climb on & off a not so sturdy bench.
Feet that did get tickled.
And noticing a green sticky note, once the picture is downloaded, on the end of the piano.
A gift from a little girl to her mama.
It was a picture of us.

Like crawling around the corner to snap a picture of your little stunt man playing & finding him, instead, standing on the coffee table, sucking his thumb.
He always makes me laugh.

Like watching him attempt to jump off.
And, hearing him count in his baby way, only to stomp his foot really hard, then ask you for help to "jump" off.

Like a picnic prepared by a 4 year old.

Like unrolling a long sheet of white paper & discovering your daughter already knows what a crown is & how to draw a picture of one.
And watching her creativity blossoming in front of your eyes.
She's got a gift.
And remembering, seeing the blurry red & green spots, that she first drew pictures of Bob & Larry for her little brother.
A glimpse into something more important that's blossoming.
Kindness & love & generosity.
That does this heart some good.

Like taking a close up picture of my little girl's hand, to freeze in time, how small she still is, & to one day look back on these days in wonder & awe.
Wonder & awe knowing where we were now, & where they are then.
This job can seem rough, until you see the good stuff.
Then, it seems, indescribable.
I am blessed & challenged with a tremendous job.
Teaching & loving my kids to my very best each & every day.
I am grateful.
For the good & tough stuff.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Destin 2011 {Part 2...finally}

Sorry for the lack of blogging...
got distracted;). Or lazy...
The rest of our Destin trip (from over a month ago) in possibly my longest post ever.

A visit to Seaside.
Beautiful, very cool houses.
Super nice shopping.
Very HOT.
But it was a lot of fun.

Driving home, we caught this sight out our rearview mirrors.
Skylar & her dad on a trip in their really cute little car.
He said it was really hot too.
But no one seemed to mind...

The next day was spent shopping.
We needed a few days rest from the beach due to parents who were sunburned:/.

We hit up a favorite burger place, Johnny Rocketts.
And apparently waited too long to eat.

After shopping, we ran to the fish market before naps, to pick our evening meal.

Tucker waved goodbye to all the little "shi-shies" as we left.

After dinner, we grabbed dessert with a certain favorite sister & family.
Tucker thought it was a great idea...

We miss him.

The next morning, we were back at it.
Just chillin'.

And making the birds go crazy over grapes.
Tucker thought they were chasing the sand he was throwing at them.
I thought it was a nice break from chasing him down from trying to throw sand at his sister.

Parker thought it was hilarious that they loved grapes.
We were quite a spectacle for a few minutes.

That night, also known as Chad & Crystal's last night, we headed out for family pictures.
And, of course, it decided to rain.

Thankfully it just sprinkled.
No beautiful sunshine in the background, but we did get the ocean & sand.


The only smile he gave all night.

They crack me up.

Later that night, we headed to the harbor to feed the fish & walk around.

On our last full day, we spent the morning saying goodbye to the Keeteman's, then headed down for one last day of play.
Tucker was standing next to a "castle" I made for him.
No sense in working on it, cause, here's what happens:
Got it!

Last night with dinner at the Crab Trap.
Man we eat a lot on trips.
It's a cool, crabby place, right on the beach.

And, surprisingly, everyone ate & enjoyed themselves.

A few shots behind the restaurant...

then we were off to pack up for our drive home early the next morning.
Oh, and don't worry.
We made sure our monkey did not fall over the side of that bench.

And, because this picture was way out of order, or because this summed up his beach experience this year,
I give you one last picture of my son throwing sand.
On top of fish.
While his sister was not watching...
don't think a sandbox is in our near future.
Just sayin'.