Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Four boys on a couch

Nothing like my 4 boys on a couch.

One trying to take a break.
R2D2 striped socks & all.

One climbing up in his lap with the coveted screen.
Asking for help.

One constantly wanting to wrestle.
Especially when you're trying to take it easy.

And one always trying to get away.
And then back up. And then back down again.

Life swirls around me everyday.
Sometimes it's nice to notice it.
In this picture I see the mess behind these 4 guys & wish I could do a better job at keeping up with it all.
But in this picture, I also see 4 people I dearly love, 3 of which are growing & changing, sometimes it seems, daily.
I'm learning to stop. And see. Really see.
And seeing the ordinary? Makes my mundane, ordinary life seem really, really extraordinary.