Sunday, May 30, 2010

A pink piggy party!

It was party time at the Mershawn household last weekend.
Crazy times were had at the park.
Pink piggy times, that is.

The thought was 3 little pigs, for a sweet 3 year old girl.
But it was mostly just about the pink pigs.
My dad asked her why she loved pigs so much.
Her response? "Because der pink."
Of course.

The birthday girl.

Pin the tail on the piggy.
It was a pig's rear end. Mitchel's idea. I laughed really hard.
No one else thought it was funny.
Oh well.
Oh. And, I forgot the blind fold at home, so we covered their eyes.

Still seems strange to see 3.

Piggy cupcakes.

Piggy faces.

Friends & cousins were some of the special guests.
Even Parker's 82 year old Nana (also, my Nana) came to celebrate her.
She's one loved kiddo.
Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends, & more friends.
And a little brother.
Now that's a guest list.

Chillin' in the shade with their pigs.

Present time.
She got a lot of great stuff this year.
It's been so fun going through it all over & over again.

After dinner, cupcakes, games & gifts they hit the spray park.
That's Miss P & her buddy Gavin.
I love this picture.
To be 3 again...


The birthday girl & her "forced" best friend :) (it's really working too! they love each other...)
& her cousin, who is also a super good buddy.
Parker, Skylar & Ella.

After that crazy party, Saturday morning a package arrived from Missouri.
Chad & CC provided great fun for the day.
Fancy Nancy stuff! Very thrilling.

Combine all of that with Dad's old cowboy vest & you're lookin' good!

Her actual birthday was on Sunday.
We woke her up early Sunday morning & she found her gift from us.
A pink radio flyer tricycle.
We were all really excited about that one.
And she is one blessed lady.
So many people who really love that girl & we're so appreciative & so thankful.
I love that kid...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Parker Grace is 3

Three years ago today, you became our baby.

I am sitting here looking at your tiny baby face wondering how in the world you got so big right in front of our eyes.
You are our first born.
And you are precious.

Your 2 year old year was full of adventure, fun, learning, love, & growth.

We watched you grow from our tiny toddler girl into a little preschool lady.

Your timid ways have grown into adventurous curiosity.

You are a master of songs now.
You can sing the songs I've sung to you all your life, right along with me.
Loud & clear.

You are so fun & so silly.
You've filled many mornings & evenings around here with lots of laughter & silliness.
You love to play outside.
You've come a long way from cautiously stepping barefoot on grass, to rolling in it now.
You love anything outside. Water, playgrounds, parks, walking, running....

And this year....oh yes, this year....you discovered the wonderful world of candy.
Still not sure how I feel about that.
You would say that I love that, but I don't think so.

Your sweetness has always surrounded you.
Although this year you've learned the world of no's, fits, & independence, your sweetness remains.
I'm so glad for that.
You give sweet hugs, kisses, smiles, cuddles, & words.
Makes our hearts melt.

You are still easily entertained.

You love to make things.
You've turned into quite the artist, but how could you not?
You love to write your name, paint, draw, color, cut...
And being a crafty mom, I love that.

You're also beginning to understand my love of cooking....

You're an awesome big sister.
Tucker loves you so much.
You greet him loudly after every nap & he searches the room to find you.
You even enjoy sharing your toys with him.

You are very curious & unafraid to try most new things.
You're not even shy.
Where did you come from?

You're still are little bitty girl.
Although you think you are very big.
You tell us that every day.

You've stolen this guy's heart.
Although, he still makes you do what you should.
He's such a good dad to you.
You are a very blessed lady.

I can't believe you're 3 & yet it feels right.
What I want to remember about you right now is how even though you feel so grown up, you're still so young.
You still have baby skin & smells.
Your voice is sweet.
Your hand is still so small in mine.
I want to keep you this way forever.
But I can't wait to find out more about this beautiful person God has filled our lives with.
You deserve the happiest birthday.
We love you our little Miss P.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tuck's photo session

No that's not him.
That's my baby girl at 4 months.
Tuck's picture was supposed to be at 4 months & he has the same outfit, but for a boy, so I wanted the same shot.
However, seems that wasn't happening.
Babies....so unpredictable:).

However....safe to say, they're related:).
My cuties.

My sweet baby boy.
OH! I love him.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The "pay-gound"

Hey P, you want to walk to the playground?

You talkin' to me?

Had to put this picture of Tuck & I in to prove he does have something from me...
my eyes.
Who knew that taking a picture, of myself with my baby, in the bright sunlight, in my garage, looking like a dork, I would discover that my baby does actually look like me.
Even a little counts...

"Can I cwime this?" 
Me: Yes.
P: Help me mom.
Me: Can you at least ask me?
P: Please?
Still working on our manners...
Seems they come S-L-O-W.
That's okay. 
As long as she says please, that is...

"Look mom, a bawance beam.
I do gy-nastics."

He LOVES this carrier.
I start putting him in it & he gets excited.
It must feel like freedom.
And, I love it too. Its so nice to have 2 hands.
Of course, don't be like me & forget that you have a baby hanging in front of you & whack his head on the car door while getting something out of it, after walking home from the pay-gound.
Seriously. Ice was used afterward.
How do you forget that 18 pounds is hanging off your front?
Whatever. Sorry Tuck.

It was windy.
And she's cute. :)

Almost 3 year olds...
"I can do it by myself."
"Don't catch me mom."
"I do it!"
"Don't catch me!"
Okay, okay. Geez.

He was impressed.

"See, I did it!"
No one was doubting you Miss P.

I snapped a few random pics of her talking.
She talked the WHOLE time we were there.
Makes me smile.
I didn't even have to respond to half of it, she just needed to chat I suppose.
She says the funniest things...

"I'm hangin."

Still talking.

A stop on the walk home to pick some wild flowers.

Still talking.
Miss P, you're so much fun, we can hardly stand it.
So glad you're ours.