Thursday, May 13, 2010

The "pay-gound"

Hey P, you want to walk to the playground?

You talkin' to me?

Had to put this picture of Tuck & I in to prove he does have something from me...
my eyes.
Who knew that taking a picture, of myself with my baby, in the bright sunlight, in my garage, looking like a dork, I would discover that my baby does actually look like me.
Even a little counts...

"Can I cwime this?" 
Me: Yes.
P: Help me mom.
Me: Can you at least ask me?
P: Please?
Still working on our manners...
Seems they come S-L-O-W.
That's okay. 
As long as she says please, that is...

"Look mom, a bawance beam.
I do gy-nastics."

He LOVES this carrier.
I start putting him in it & he gets excited.
It must feel like freedom.
And, I love it too. Its so nice to have 2 hands.
Of course, don't be like me & forget that you have a baby hanging in front of you & whack his head on the car door while getting something out of it, after walking home from the pay-gound.
Seriously. Ice was used afterward.
How do you forget that 18 pounds is hanging off your front?
Whatever. Sorry Tuck.

It was windy.
And she's cute. :)

Almost 3 year olds...
"I can do it by myself."
"Don't catch me mom."
"I do it!"
"Don't catch me!"
Okay, okay. Geez.

He was impressed.

"See, I did it!"
No one was doubting you Miss P.

I snapped a few random pics of her talking.
She talked the WHOLE time we were there.
Makes me smile.
I didn't even have to respond to half of it, she just needed to chat I suppose.
She says the funniest things...

"I'm hangin."

Still talking.

A stop on the walk home to pick some wild flowers.

Still talking.
Miss P, you're so much fun, we can hardly stand it.
So glad you're ours.

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