Sunday, May 30, 2010

A pink piggy party!

It was party time at the Mershawn household last weekend.
Crazy times were had at the park.
Pink piggy times, that is.

The thought was 3 little pigs, for a sweet 3 year old girl.
But it was mostly just about the pink pigs.
My dad asked her why she loved pigs so much.
Her response? "Because der pink."
Of course.

The birthday girl.

Pin the tail on the piggy.
It was a pig's rear end. Mitchel's idea. I laughed really hard.
No one else thought it was funny.
Oh well.
Oh. And, I forgot the blind fold at home, so we covered their eyes.

Still seems strange to see 3.

Piggy cupcakes.

Piggy faces.

Friends & cousins were some of the special guests.
Even Parker's 82 year old Nana (also, my Nana) came to celebrate her.
She's one loved kiddo.
Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends, & more friends.
And a little brother.
Now that's a guest list.

Chillin' in the shade with their pigs.

Present time.
She got a lot of great stuff this year.
It's been so fun going through it all over & over again.

After dinner, cupcakes, games & gifts they hit the spray park.
That's Miss P & her buddy Gavin.
I love this picture.
To be 3 again...


The birthday girl & her "forced" best friend :) (it's really working too! they love each other...)
& her cousin, who is also a super good buddy.
Parker, Skylar & Ella.

After that crazy party, Saturday morning a package arrived from Missouri.
Chad & CC provided great fun for the day.
Fancy Nancy stuff! Very thrilling.

Combine all of that with Dad's old cowboy vest & you're lookin' good!

Her actual birthday was on Sunday.
We woke her up early Sunday morning & she found her gift from us.
A pink radio flyer tricycle.
We were all really excited about that one.
And she is one blessed lady.
So many people who really love that girl & we're so appreciative & so thankful.
I love that kid...


Tina Certain said...

Sweetness and oh so much fun! Being a mom is the best, isn't it? I miss it, but being a Grammy...it's just as much fun and rewarding! Love you all!

Jalissa said...

Such a big girl now. Can't believe it! I remember when she was so small and tiny.