Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just P & Dad

Think she has her future cut out for her? :)
He played, she sang, he sang, and I was only allowed to watch...
probably for good reason. Ha!

This girl was given to the right family.
The music moves her....
and cracks us up. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We had a busy weekend.
Then came Sunday.
At church until 3.
We got home, put Parker down for her nap.
She woke up a good 3 hours later, & I walked in to get her.
She hoists her leg over the side of her crib:

"My get outta here."
She says almost out of breath.

I say, "what?" (mostly because I just wanted to hear her say it again.)
"My get outta here, mom!"
I cracked up & made her wait until I had the camera.
She makes me laugh.

After I rescued my child from her bed:), she decided to climb up into Mitchel's chair, and relax a while with a good book. The glasses. That's what did me in.
Cracked up again.

She was reading one of her Bibles.
She had just found the Noah's Ark story, & was yelling,
"A ef-a-fent! A ef-a-fent mama!"

I'm not sure how she could see the "ef-a-fent."
Her glasses had a sticker on each lens.
She was very proud of herself.
And I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Gotta love that kid.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Florida: Our last days...

And the last day in Florida brought rain & clouds. So, we spent our day shopping, packing up, and hanging out. We did head out to dinner one last time, to AJ's. It's a fun restaurant with a harbor back behind it. The ocean sitting right outside the window never gets old either, and this place has it too:).

The ceiling. I wanted to bring a few of those back with me...

Ha. What's the deal with my eyes??
We were seated really quickly & our waitress was good, but we had all had enough eating out. Parker was NOT into coloring, and really just wanted to run around. Mitchel & I were just bummed to be leaving the next day. But, once the food came all was well.
Then, we paid & headed out to see the boats in the harbor & to feed the fish.

No words for this one...

Don't you just want to squeeze her:)?

On the dock looking back at the restaurant. You can buy fish food on the harbor, so there are tons fish all in the water. Parker had her bag of goldfish with her, so all 3 of us were quite entertained feeding those things. They were crazy!

Yes, we ate out again:). It's vacation....
We hit the Donut Hole one last time on our way out.
Our sweet friends, the Dobberstein's, who ate there with us the time before, introduced Miss P to the world of "splinkle" donuts. She didn't have one the 1st time, but she tried really hard this time to get one out of us. And, after all, it was vacation, so who could resist:)?
She loved it.
Oh, and I loved mine too...

And, 13 hours later....we were home.
I still miss it. Family vacations are good. I like having them all to myself.
But it's nice to be back, too. 
Just wish the beach were right outside my window....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Florida: Day 6

Well, day 6 in Florida brought a terrible rash for poor Miss P & Mitchel & I were a tad toasted in a few places, so we opted for a day of shopping, eating, & relaxing. Not that we hadn't been relaxing.... just different.

We shopped at an outdoor mall, and these were right smack in the middle of the center it.
We almost brought one home.
I would have named him Squirt.
Or Franklin. 
Someone told me once we were home that they smell bad.
Guess I'm glad I didn't bring another smelly pet home.
I guess...

Still looking at those darn, cute turtles.
I didn't want to have to clean the aquarium...
Lazy, or smart??

Good thing we had that stroller!
She was really good. Just wanted to walk.

"My have a kids cup." "Wif a wid & a staw."
She would order that every place we went.
Said it right to the waiters. Cracked me up.
Half the time they wouldn't hear her. Made me sad for her.
So, I would order one louder, and in more understandable english:).
She was happy.

No, that wasn't all for her. Although, she may have thought it was...

By the way....that was lunch at Johnny Rockets.

Shopping at a seafood market. Yes, it smells exactly like you'd think.
We decided to grill out that night, so we wanted something GOOD.
We bought some AMBERjack:).
Mitchel asked the lady if it would be good grilled.
She said, it's one of the best one's to grill.
And I said, of course it is. Silly Mitchel...
And...he did an awesome job. Even the kids loved it that night.

Beach pictures were taken after dinner, as a storm tried to roll in.
We succeeded though.
Here are the Dobberstein's.
Good friends.

Well, it's a little far off, but it's all of us.
Mitchel made sure to show off my belly by making his hand HUGE on it.
But at least we know Mr. Tucker was there too.
It was pretty comical trying to get this picture too, with all the kids.

After pictures on the beach, we changed & headed to the pier.
Mitchel LOVES to deep sea fish & didn't get to go this year, so he settled for some pier fishing.
I don't know why, but I love piers. Something about being surrounded by the ocean on dry land:).
Parker got a big kick out of it. Then Mitchel let her help him.
He's a good daddy.

She kept saying, "Parker fish. Daddy fish. Mama, noooo."
Guess she wanted to rub it in:).

We headed back to the beach house, because of how late it was, but Mitchel headed back to catch a big one.
This was the only "big" one he caught. He used it for bait, but took a picture for Parker first.
She wasn't very impressed:).
Poor Mitchel. I'm proud of you!! Thanks for not making us eat it...

And, the next post will be the last Florida post.
We've almost done it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Florida: Days 4 & 5

Day 4...back to the beach:).
Just another nice, sunny, happy day.
Out to fetch some water for a sand castle...
that Parker & Skylar kept knocking down.
Poor Mitchel...

She keeps looking for those sunglasses now that we're home.
We were out in the ocean that day, and she chunked them in the water.
The one with big waves. Grr.
Mitchel searched for a while for them, but gave up, because of THE WAVES.
Oh well. (yes, Kylie, those were the one's you gave her...)

My favorite picture.
Parker & Skylar.

Mikah....a self proclaimed "dead mermaid."
Cracked me up.
And see her smile? She didn't stop the whole time she was getting buried.

That night was just us with Miss P. We went to Chick Fil A (woo-hoo!) & then to this ice cream place: Shakes. Yep. Good stuff.

Think she liked it?:)

Day 5, was more of the same. Beach fun.

Another favorite picture.
I love that kid.

She wasn't supposed to throw sand....
I was obviously very concerned.

My boy.
I love that kid too.
A lot.

"Daddy, where'd your 'peet' (feet) go?"
Sweet concern:).

That night, we went to eat with the Dobberstein's.
Parker & Mitchel were ready first, so while I finished, they headed out to play.


She was eating a snack while playing, and dropped ONE goldfish in the sand.
She found out very quickly how much those things are worth in sea gull land.
Apparently they got the rest of them.

We went to dinner at the Crab Trap. Probably my favorite place to eat in Destin.
They're beach side. The windows in the restaurant are like garage doors that get rolled open each day, so you sit in the open ocean wind. Ah.
Good food too.

Another reason to like this place. 
You can take a stroll on the beach before or after your dinner.
So pretty.

Back side of the restaurant, at night. Obviously...hehe.
Alright! 5 days down...2 to go....I think:).