Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We had a busy weekend.
Then came Sunday.
At church until 3.
We got home, put Parker down for her nap.
She woke up a good 3 hours later, & I walked in to get her.
She hoists her leg over the side of her crib:

"My get outta here."
She says almost out of breath.

I say, "what?" (mostly because I just wanted to hear her say it again.)
"My get outta here, mom!"
I cracked up & made her wait until I had the camera.
She makes me laugh.

After I rescued my child from her bed:), she decided to climb up into Mitchel's chair, and relax a while with a good book. The glasses. That's what did me in.
Cracked up again.

She was reading one of her Bibles.
She had just found the Noah's Ark story, & was yelling,
"A ef-a-fent! A ef-a-fent mama!"

I'm not sure how she could see the "ef-a-fent."
Her glasses had a sticker on each lens.
She was very proud of herself.
And I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Gotta love that kid.


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

I was just asking Grammy if she was going to her big girl bed and she said not yet. I bet she's getting close now!!! Love the stickers on the glasses - she's so precious!!

The Lowry Place said...

That is just precious she has a great sense of humor and personality.

The Johnson's said...

LOL, That girl cracks me up!! Too cute!! :)

Tina Certain said...

Parker Grace, you are a hoot! Grammy just loves you so!