Friday, September 11, 2009

Florida: Day 6

Well, day 6 in Florida brought a terrible rash for poor Miss P & Mitchel & I were a tad toasted in a few places, so we opted for a day of shopping, eating, & relaxing. Not that we hadn't been relaxing.... just different.

We shopped at an outdoor mall, and these were right smack in the middle of the center it.
We almost brought one home.
I would have named him Squirt.
Or Franklin. 
Someone told me once we were home that they smell bad.
Guess I'm glad I didn't bring another smelly pet home.
I guess...

Still looking at those darn, cute turtles.
I didn't want to have to clean the aquarium...
Lazy, or smart??

Good thing we had that stroller!
She was really good. Just wanted to walk.

"My have a kids cup." "Wif a wid & a staw."
She would order that every place we went.
Said it right to the waiters. Cracked me up.
Half the time they wouldn't hear her. Made me sad for her.
So, I would order one louder, and in more understandable english:).
She was happy.

No, that wasn't all for her. Although, she may have thought it was...

By the way....that was lunch at Johnny Rockets.

Shopping at a seafood market. Yes, it smells exactly like you'd think.
We decided to grill out that night, so we wanted something GOOD.
We bought some AMBERjack:).
Mitchel asked the lady if it would be good grilled.
She said, it's one of the best one's to grill.
And I said, of course it is. Silly Mitchel...
And...he did an awesome job. Even the kids loved it that night.

Beach pictures were taken after dinner, as a storm tried to roll in.
We succeeded though.
Here are the Dobberstein's.
Good friends.

Well, it's a little far off, but it's all of us.
Mitchel made sure to show off my belly by making his hand HUGE on it.
But at least we know Mr. Tucker was there too.
It was pretty comical trying to get this picture too, with all the kids.

After pictures on the beach, we changed & headed to the pier.
Mitchel LOVES to deep sea fish & didn't get to go this year, so he settled for some pier fishing.
I don't know why, but I love piers. Something about being surrounded by the ocean on dry land:).
Parker got a big kick out of it. Then Mitchel let her help him.
He's a good daddy.

She kept saying, "Parker fish. Daddy fish. Mama, noooo."
Guess she wanted to rub it in:).

We headed back to the beach house, because of how late it was, but Mitchel headed back to catch a big one.
This was the only "big" one he caught. He used it for bait, but took a picture for Parker first.
She wasn't very impressed:).
Poor Mitchel. I'm proud of you!! Thanks for not making us eat it...

And, the next post will be the last Florida post.
We've almost done it!


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

OK - reminds me of a Brandon story. He had a little stomach virus and we went to a restaurant close to where he lives now. The waitress was taking our drink orders and leaned over ever so sweetly to ask him if he wanted some milk. He said, "No fank u, I haf wunny poop and I haf to haf cwer liquids." Priceless!!!

Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time in Florida!! I love the close up picture of Parker and those beautiful blue eyes. She's so cute!!

The Lowry Place said...

It was so great seeing you today. And you are always talking about Kaylen being so cute look at Miss. Parker! She is just to die for, those big blue eyes, I think we're going to have to watch out for the boys. Kirk has already said no dating until Kaylen is 30. Oh boy!

Tina Certain said...

Should have consulted your mom about "Franklin." They only stink when you wait too long to clean their water! :o) They are fun and cute! But, they seem to die easy! lol Love the pictures, I can never get enough! Hugs!

Hill-O'Shields said...

Love those beach family pics!