Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Florida: Days 4 & 5

Day 4...back to the beach:).
Just another nice, sunny, happy day.
Out to fetch some water for a sand castle...
that Parker & Skylar kept knocking down.
Poor Mitchel...

She keeps looking for those sunglasses now that we're home.
We were out in the ocean that day, and she chunked them in the water.
The one with big waves. Grr.
Mitchel searched for a while for them, but gave up, because of THE WAVES.
Oh well. (yes, Kylie, those were the one's you gave her...)

My favorite picture.
Parker & Skylar.

Mikah....a self proclaimed "dead mermaid."
Cracked me up.
And see her smile? She didn't stop the whole time she was getting buried.

That night was just us with Miss P. We went to Chick Fil A (woo-hoo!) & then to this ice cream place: Shakes. Yep. Good stuff.

Think she liked it?:)

Day 5, was more of the same. Beach fun.

Another favorite picture.
I love that kid.

She wasn't supposed to throw sand....
I was obviously very concerned.

My boy.
I love that kid too.
A lot.

"Daddy, where'd your 'peet' (feet) go?"
Sweet concern:).

That night, we went to eat with the Dobberstein's.
Parker & Mitchel were ready first, so while I finished, they headed out to play.


She was eating a snack while playing, and dropped ONE goldfish in the sand.
She found out very quickly how much those things are worth in sea gull land.
Apparently they got the rest of them.

We went to dinner at the Crab Trap. Probably my favorite place to eat in Destin.
They're beach side. The windows in the restaurant are like garage doors that get rolled open each day, so you sit in the open ocean wind. Ah.
Good food too.

Another reason to like this place. 
You can take a stroll on the beach before or after your dinner.
So pretty.

Back side of the restaurant, at night. Obviously...hehe.
Alright! 5 days down...2 to go....I think:).


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Looks very fun and relaxing! Parker, of course, is PRECIOUS!! Hugs!!!

Tina Certain said...

I just love that picture of Skylar and Parker...too sweet! Of course they are all precious! :o) Keep the blog going, I love it! Hugs! Mom