Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well, Easter was a little over 2 weeks ago now, but we had pictures from the day that I haven't shared yet. So...better late than never, right?:)
We spent the day before Easter with my family in Rockwall, having a Wii bowling tournament:). No pics from that day, sorry they were a lot funnier than these cute ones I'm posting about today...hehe.
Sunday we spent the day with Mitchel's family. Parker loves family. Any of them. Speaking of Parker, at the moment, she's singing into a wooden bale of hay from her farm set, like it's a microphone. When did I trade my baby in for a little girl??? Hmmm....such a nut.
The kids all had a great time egg hunting. The day started out with the big kids. They, of course are the experts, and we figured it would be best to let the fast ones hunt while the little ones slept the day away:).

Well, it's not letting me post my big kid picture. Hmmm.....grrr. I'll try again tomorrow.

It was a rainy day, but after church the rain cleared and left a perfectly good egg hunting day. Parker was excited, but really didn't have a clue what was up:).

Here's Miss Ella finding an egg on the slide. It was up a little high, so nice Aunt Amber was assisting her with it. That girl was a good little hunter. She's already experienced a few hunts, so she was a pro by Easter. Parker & Ella are almost 6 months apart. Parker already loves to tell her what to do, and Ella enjoys ignoring her. Works quite well:).

Parker did a good job hunting too. Especially since it was her 1st one. She followed where everyone pointed, and had fun just picking up eggs. The best part about a toddler egg hunt is that they have no clue that there is something waiting in the egg. The fun's all in the hunt. 

Here's our good friend Gavin. He's the son of our youth pastor's at church. We love them:). Gavin's almost 5 months younger than Parker and he's totally a boy. He had more fun getting in the cars on the porch than actually hunting for the eggs. But, to appease the mommy's, he participated:). They all found around the same amount of eggs (aren't we good mom's??) and Ella was the only one who knew candy was inside (she has a big sister and brother, so she's smart in those world ways....hehe).

Now that's an accomplishment: 3 toddlers all in a picture together. Didn't take us that long either, of course no one would smile...but that's okay.

Oops. Parker did find some candy, with a little help from Mimi. Sixlets. I love those. So did she. She only had 3 or 4. Mimi's are allowed to do things like that:). Mom's are allowed to stop it when enough's enough! Ha! I'm just not any fun...

Now that's an egg I like. Stickers. What a smart idea. Parker, the little sticker queen, of course thought that was FANTASTIC. She kept asking for more, and then kept sticking and resticking them to everything. The girl's nuts over stickers. We had a great weekend of Easter get togethers. I, of course, felt nauseous the whole time. But, that's okay. One day I'll feel like a human again, right?? Ugh.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Official

Baby #2 is officially on the way:).  Feeling nauseous all day, nice and tired, and excited (would be more excited if I didn't feel so darn sick). This baby is due to arrive December 5th, so our holidays just got a little busier....hehe. In a good way:). I'm 7 weeks, and already ready for that 2nd trimester to begin. I'm ready to be happy to eat again:(. Ugh, eating.... this too shall pass.....

Oh, and Parker is happy because we're happy, and really has no idea what we've just done to her! She's gonna be an awesome big sister.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dancing with Daddy

Cleaning the kitchen the other night, Parker and Mitchel broke out in some spontaneous dancing. Of course to the "La La" song as we refer to it now at our house:).

Lilly got in on the action too. Not the best shot of her:).

There was spinning,

and twirling,

for both Mitchel and Parker.

And then the kicks started:).

Good buddies. Great dad. Great kid. I love them SO much.