Friday, January 30, 2009


For Christmas this year, my Aunt Tina and Uncle Barry gave Parker this really cool dog that you can give commands to, and he actually does what you say. Unlike a certain brown dog around here...

Anyway, although Parker does enjoy watching "Lucky" do all the requested things we tell him to do, he has yet to understand her commands of, "S-i!" & "no-no dog." So, she leaves the commanding to Mitchel and I. Now, the funny thing is, though, that Tina and Barry also gave her another, smaller, music playing dog on the top of her package, as a little "bonus" to the real present. And, yep, he has become yet another object of Parker's affection. She calls him sweetly by his name, "DOG!":) Such a nut. He has a button on his head that SHE knows how to push, and he plays music and his little feet turn to make him walk. She loves to hug him and tell him no. Hmmm...not sure where that comes from.
Giving her puppy a hug. She's a sweet one:).

Showing mom how to push his button.

Saying cheese and posing with her puppy.
Thanks Uncle Barry and Aunt Tina!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yesterday, Friday January 23rd, my grandmother, Naw, passed away. She was in her late 70's and had lived with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis for a good part of her adult life. She was well known and greatly loved for her chocolate pies, her inability to talk badly about anyone, her genuine love and respect for her husband, children, grandchildren, family and friends, and her love of hamburgers.

I never want to forget my Naw's voice, the sweet way she called me Ambie. Her many jars of candy scattered through her house. The way she and Grandaddy always greeted us in the drive way of their home, ready for the chaos that usually in-sued:). There was always a ham or roast in the oven awaiting our arrival, along with a chocolate cake on the counter next to some other baked good she had bought at a church bake sale or that a friend had brought by. She always talked about how good those things were, usually mentioning that for some reason her cake, pie, or whatever else didn't turn out quite the way she wanted.....we never listened; it was ALWAYS good. She was full of hugs, kisses, laughs, and sweet words.

She was a wonderful grandmother, whom I loved greatly. She will be most definitely missed. We are all, however, extremely comforted by the fact that we know she is in heaven sitting with our Lord laughing and singing along with the rest of our family already in there. I'm sure they were thrilled to see her, especially Justin, Aunt Sha....I wonder if he asked if she brought a rolling ruler with her? Probably... 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Parker's backyard adventure...

A few days ago (or maybe a week or so ago) it was a nice warmish day out, and I opened our back door to let Parker and Lilly out to play. I kept the door open and was finishing up dinner and checking on the 2 of them every few minutes. Now, Parker hadn't figured out quite yet that there was a world beyond the patio, so I was confident that she would have fun playing with her toys and new slide on the porch while Lilly roamed around the yard. Things were going well, and I was thinking of what a nice day it had been when I heard it. A squeal of delight. Then another. So I went out to check on Parker, just in time to see her rounding the corner of the house OFF the porch:)! Cracked me up. So...she figured out how to step out off the porch and onto the grass. Of course we have a large dog, and neither of us are in the habit of picking up her, well, you know:), and after the initial celebration of her next step to "kid-hood," I quickly started grimacing as I realized she was running over dried piles of Lilly left overs. Ugh!

Anyway, I recovered and all was well, and now anytime we step foot out back, we have a tiny lady wanting to motor on out as well. 

Parker and Lilly just chillin' on the porch. They're quickly becoming buddies.

Here she is, so proud of herself out on the grass:). She's carrying pretend money and wearing her necklaces. She cracks me up...

Coming back up on the porch. Taking a big girl step up. Still clinging to that money though.

Running away from mom....I was trying to protect her from poop!:)

Back on the porch being silly. She was so happy with herself, and just kept squealing and talking away. It was really cute if I do say so myself.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, I'm finally back:). It's been busy around here lately. Mitchel is officially back to work, and Parker and I have been adjusting to life without him around during the day. Monday was a sad day, the dooms day I'd been waiting for, but we all survived. Now life is feeling more normal, and Parker and I have been enjoying just hanging around the house and playing with all our new Christmas toys. This Christmas was really one of the best one's we've ever had. Parker was so very excited about all the things that went on, and it just made Christmas for us. She, of course, was spoiled to death with toys galore, clothes galore, and new bedding for a "big girl" bed. My parents went a little crazy in Pottery Barn Kids, and bought almost an entire line of the bedding I loved. So, I guess I got a little spoiled too;).

And now here we are in a new year. 2009 is proving to be a great year. Parker's 2nd birthday will be here before we know it, Mitchel and I will mark 6 years of marriage in June, and the crazy summer will kick off once June starts! Parker is growing into a little girl before our very eyes. Since the new year, she's learned to put her sock on her foot without help, how to slide down her slide on her stomach (AH!), and, wait for it....how to say "NO!" Geez. I was waiting for that one. It has quickly become a favorite word around our house, and I hate to admit it, but its darn cute when she says it! Oh well, I usually graze over the word, hoping the novelty of it will pass quickly....we'll see!

So, here's hoping 2009 will be the best yet. Full of family, love, fun, and growth. I'm praying that God continues to draw us near, speak to our hearts, keep us obedient, and to bless our family with health, joy, and prosperity. I pray the same for all of you. And as for me, I just want to be a great wife, mom, child, friend, and Jesus follower in this new year.

Hope you enjoy our Christmas pictures from this year. We've got one funny, cute kid...

Sliding with some of her new favorites. Gotta love that smile!

3 happy kids on Christmas morning:).

Tutu & headband- wears for hours
Maracas- shakes for hours, mostly while wearing the tutu & headband
Thanks Uncle Chad, Aunt CC, Grammie & Poppie...

Swinging in her new swing. Think she loves it???

Parker & her favorite...Daddy. That's another new favorite word. We've moved from the baby days full of "da-da," and into the world of, "Dad-dee!" She calls him through the house, on the phone, in her bed...I think she loves him.

AND why wouldn't she???
Thanks, Aunt Sha & Uncle Billy for the tea set. It has been more than gently used over the last few weeks, and by more than just Parker...hehe. I think he loves her too.