Friday, January 30, 2009


For Christmas this year, my Aunt Tina and Uncle Barry gave Parker this really cool dog that you can give commands to, and he actually does what you say. Unlike a certain brown dog around here...

Anyway, although Parker does enjoy watching "Lucky" do all the requested things we tell him to do, he has yet to understand her commands of, "S-i!" & "no-no dog." So, she leaves the commanding to Mitchel and I. Now, the funny thing is, though, that Tina and Barry also gave her another, smaller, music playing dog on the top of her package, as a little "bonus" to the real present. And, yep, he has become yet another object of Parker's affection. She calls him sweetly by his name, "DOG!":) Such a nut. He has a button on his head that SHE knows how to push, and he plays music and his little feet turn to make him walk. She loves to hug him and tell him no. Hmmm...not sure where that comes from.
Giving her puppy a hug. She's a sweet one:).

Showing mom how to push his button.

Saying cheese and posing with her puppy.
Thanks Uncle Barry and Aunt Tina!


The Lowry Place said...

Ha. Isn't that how it's suppose to go the electronics are more well behaved than the real thing.

Paula's Life said...

i know..i laugh everytime i see that pic of preston too. :) i just couldn't resist posting it.