Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Parker's backyard adventure...

A few days ago (or maybe a week or so ago) it was a nice warmish day out, and I opened our back door to let Parker and Lilly out to play. I kept the door open and was finishing up dinner and checking on the 2 of them every few minutes. Now, Parker hadn't figured out quite yet that there was a world beyond the patio, so I was confident that she would have fun playing with her toys and new slide on the porch while Lilly roamed around the yard. Things were going well, and I was thinking of what a nice day it had been when I heard it. A squeal of delight. Then another. So I went out to check on Parker, just in time to see her rounding the corner of the house OFF the porch:)! Cracked me up. So...she figured out how to step out off the porch and onto the grass. Of course we have a large dog, and neither of us are in the habit of picking up her, well, you know:), and after the initial celebration of her next step to "kid-hood," I quickly started grimacing as I realized she was running over dried piles of Lilly left overs. Ugh!

Anyway, I recovered and all was well, and now anytime we step foot out back, we have a tiny lady wanting to motor on out as well. 

Parker and Lilly just chillin' on the porch. They're quickly becoming buddies.

Here she is, so proud of herself out on the grass:). She's carrying pretend money and wearing her necklaces. She cracks me up...

Coming back up on the porch. Taking a big girl step up. Still clinging to that money though.

Running away from mom....I was trying to protect her from poop!:)

Back on the porch being silly. She was so happy with herself, and just kept squealing and talking away. It was really cute if I do say so myself.

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Tiff said...

Ok, that is hilarious...My sister was one to do that stuff. Not me, I was phobic about getting dirty, still am...and so is Selah, she doesn't even like to touch grass.
Parker is such a little adventurer!