Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lincoln Life {10, 11, & 12 months}

Well. It happened.
My baby is a year old.
Why does this keep happening to me??
Babies growing older. Time flying by.
And since that time is flying right on by, here are Lincoln's past 3 months in a glance.
His mom has trouble keeping up with things these days.
I have no idea what her problem is…

Lincoln at 10 months:
 Lincoln, today you are 10 months old.
And you are just the cutest little guy.
You are fast these days.
And very hard to catch on camera.
You love playing in the play room with all the big kid toys & getting into the bathroom to unroll all the toilet paper.

 You think peek-a-boo is about the funniest thing ever.
And you still laugh at the funniest things.
You're really not enjoying food anymore than last month just yet, but that's ok.
You have enough squish on your bones to last a little while.
You're pulling up on everything in sight & cruising around.
I don't know that you'll walk soon, but you're already trying to stand on your own.
And you think it's a pretty awesome skill.
2 more months & you'll celebrate a birthday! 
I don't want to talk about it…

Lincoln 11 months:
 Hey little man!
11 months & you are sweet as ever.
You're sleeping 12 hours a night, eating like a champ these days & napping twice a day.
You're a size 12-18 months & in a size 4 diaper.

 You took a trip to the beach this month!
You loved eating the sand & even enjoyed the little waves.
You & I did not enjoy our close sleeping quarters & spent much of our time together at night.
But, you've made up for lost sleep since being back home. Thank goodness.
You've learned to point this month & would rather point than wave. 
You point to lights, your picture of yourself in your room & when people tell you goodbye.
We're also working on some sign language.
When we were teaching you "all done" you surprised us by, instead of signing, just saying it.
Cutie pants.

 You still have the sweetest smile.
You have 7 teeth. You've had them a few months now.
But no signs of anymore coming.
You love your blanket these days, which is awesome come bed time.
And no thumb sucking or paci for you. Amen.
I think you are just the greatest baby in all the world & am so very glad you're mine.

Lincoln 12 months:
 Happy, happy birthday baby Linc!!
Now stop growing up!
This has been the fastest year ever. Pretty sure that's a scientific fact. Or should be.
What a sweet, sweet year you've given us.
At 12 months you are pushing around your little walker like a wild man.
You've taken anywhere from 2 steps to about 7 in a row, but haven't really cared to keep trying on your own.
And I am A O-K with that. 
You have got a mind of your own these days. And you've learned how to let us know when things aren't working out the way you think they should. I can only imagine what that will mean when you start walking. Haha!

 You were once a very friendly baby to your many admirers, but these days they are usually greeted with a scowl.
That stranger danger game of yours is good.
Eventually people wiggle a smile or cute noise out of you.
You're saying a few words & phrases already & everyone thinks its awesome.
You can say "all done," "dada," "buh-buh (bye-bye)," "hush," "be-be (baby)," & occasionally you'll come out with something else, but aren't really big into showing off your skills all the time.
Lately you've also been interested in teaching yourself to climb.
That is not my favorite.

I am still one of your favorite people, but dad is definitely right there with me now days.
And of course Truett (you think he is so fun), Tucker (he can always make you laugh & smile), & Parker (she loves to get you to show off your skills, & you love to smile at her).
You're eating pretty much anything put in front of you these days.
You love apple juice & your first tastes of milk. Water however always gets spit out with disgust.
Which makes me laugh. Funny baby.
You're still in 12-18 month clothes, getting close to getting too long for them.
And you're still comfortably in a size 4 diaper & still have your 7 teeth.
At the doctor yesterday, you weighed in at 22 lbs (70th%) & measured 31" long (90th%).
Growing like a weed.
You love to be outside, put all things in your mouth, unroll all the toilet paper, play with Truett's choo-choos, laugh loud, screech & squeal, yell about things that are bothering you, be on mom or dad's hip, play with the remote control or our phones, & your newest trick is loving to throw. Especially cell phones. It's a lovely habit.
Your favorite songs are You are my Sunshine, the Itsy Bitsy Spider & all the Little Mermaid Jr. songs played on loop in the car.
You're pretty much just the greatest.
Happiest birthday to our littlest guy.
Our world is a better place because you're here.
Love you like a lot, a lot Lincoln Davis.