Friday, December 30, 2011

We had another sonogram...

and we are proud to announce that...

we are definitely having a baby.
Could be a girl or could be a boy!
Baby Mershawn will be a surprise on the day he or she decides to come.
We're excited about our little surprise who will be making their grand appearance sometime in early May.
Everything looked great on the sonogram & this baby is a mover.
Everything is going great for me, except that my lovely veins are growing.
I'm calling them my mom tattoo.
Figure I might as well get attached to their ugliness since they've decided to stick with me for life. Yucky.
The appointment went well, except that I almost had a repeat of 2 1/2 years ago...the one with the cup. Not the 8 pound weight gain. Yikes.
Now, the wait is on. 23 (almost) weeks down, 17 to go.
In the mean time, we're having a good time making plans for a baby that will be a welcome addition to our little family.
Boy or girl, we're excited to meet them.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Christmas Tree 2011

The day after Thanksgiving, every year, we pick out our Christmas tree.
Last year we started a new tradition that is so fun:).
And this year, we were ready to load up & chop down our 2011 tree.

Hayridin' it out to the trees.
She's sweet no matter where she is, even when hay is involved.

Tucker thinks freedom is awesome.
So, we love it when we're in wide open spaces & he can happily run & run & run.

She was searching for flowers to pick.
She didn't believe us when we told her flowers don't really grow in the winter.
She did prove us wrong...of course.

Oh, what a lovely picture.
Silly girl, cheesy mom, mad boy.
See the flowers in her pocket?

That's better.
I love those guys.
A lot.

Back to business.
We found our tree.
It's 10 feet tall.
Yeah. My husband was thrilled with himself;)...

Manly man.

Girlfriend's got some sass.
I blame my sister...

And brother...well, danger could be his middle name.

That, or, disgruntled.
He doesn't like being told no.
Who can blame him?
It's hard being 2...

More freedom.
See me back there?
Chasing the 2 year old before he hid in the trees.
He's helping me keep the baby weight gain down.
Such a sweet boy...helping out his mama.

There it is...
big ol' tree.
And growing me.

Our help was great this year.
We laughed & laughed about where we found ornaments on that tree.
Our kids are, as Parker would say, "too much fun."
So was that day...
and yes, we did need that ladder.
For more than just the star.
I'm hoping for a "simpler" tree next year...but I'm sure I'll be outvoted.
That's ok. It's the season for giving after all;).

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Somebody turned 2...

He did it.
My baby is no longer tiny & sweet & pure bliss...

he is un-ending energy, full of life & fun, speaking words in his 2 year old way, & never ceasing to make us laugh.
He is a full fledged toddler.
And we couldn't imagine our family without him.
He's awesome.

And, he loves Bob & Larry.
Only, around our house, they are referred to as, Bob & Lou.
That's 2 year old speak for Larry.

A Bob & Larry party wouldn't be right without a tray full of veggies.
Or maybe it's wrong to serve veggies...poor Bob & Lou.

There were veggie straws & veggie muffins.

Stick the nose on Bob...

and Larry.
They look a little sad without noses...or maybe that was the artist's fault...

We also had a rousing game of Jimmy & Jerry Gourd bowling.
A big hit, until the kids figured out it was more fun just to throw the gourds.
Yikes. Sometimes kids are crazy...but only sometimes.

No Bob & Larry party is complete without pom-pom topped hats...

or a Veggie friend to go home with.

And...our boy is usually so shy.
But, he figured out, somehow, that this party business is awesome.

Especially eating cupcakes in new wagons with really sweet friends.

And opening presents.
(which is just in general...chaos. I don't handle this part of parties well...can you tell by the look on my face? I always tell Mitchel, it's his turn next. But I never follow through. That's a problem I need to fix...)
His sister was an excellent helper & very happy onlooker.
It was sweet...& crazy...but really sweet.

And, our boy. Is. A. Boy.
How can it be denied with a picture like that?
Happy 2nd birthday sweet baby.
We're so glad your birthday was so special...
you sure had a blast.
That makes it SO worth it...

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I've been tired.
And lazy.
I've felt slow, while my world around me races by.
I can't believe it's December.
Being nauseous for 8+ weeks doesn't help a girl get things done.
And now, well, I have some bad habits.
I spend a lot of my days talking myself into doing responsible things, instead of laying around.
I wasn't like that before, & it frustrates me.
I have laundry piles, dusty furniture, clutter in every room of my house, & dog prints on my kitchen floor.
That puts me in a grouchy mood. Then I don't want to do anything.
But. God is good.
I know He won't leave me here.
I know that my days are full of grace, gift.
I know that days of dirty dishes means we have plenty to eat.
I know that toys under my feet mean my children live in plenty.
I know that Christmas tree needles strewn throughout our house means we are making priceless memories.
I know that when I crawl out of bed in the morning that means I get to serve my family, my greatest gift.
And, I know that I will not always be an expectant mama.
That being patient with myself will help me appreciate that although I feel lazy & slow, I can feel a new life moving inside of me.
I know that this new life will increase the grace in my life.
Not everyone has the chance to walk this road I am on.
And I am grateful.

Tucker will be 2 on Monday.
Big plans for that sweet, handsome boy.

Our girl is officially 4 1/2.
She is a bubbly, lively girl, with generosity growing inside her.

Our house will be under heavy cleaning this upcoming week, in anticipation of a Bob & Larry party & Christmas fun.
My kids & husband are bundles of excitement.
And I'm... still tired:). But, thankful that at the end of the day, I have 2 kids tucked in warm beds, a gentle, patient best friend who cuddles with me on the couch, & a loving Father, who's grace I might never fully comprehend, but am slowly understanding more & more.
I really deserve nothing, yet He's given me more than I could ever ask.
Thankful for His great love...there's a way to get me excited!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011 {Rockwall}

Last Saturday, we visited the Rockwall pumpkin patch.
The kids always have fun when we go.
This year, Tucker was determined to try & pick up every pumpkin that was huge.
If it was small, & you asked him to hold it, he got mad.
Silly boy.
But he sure is cute.

We attempted to get a picture of our cuties together, but you can see how that turned out.
A cooperating 4 year old, but a not so much 22 month old.
Oh well.

She's just as cute on her own;).

Fall is beautiful.

Our picks.

They have a hay maze there, & it was fun, but once she discovered she could jump across the hay bales, that was the activity of choice.
Big girl.

Monkey see, monkey (try to) do.

My favorites.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Instafriday {with Life Rearranged}

life rearranged
The blog Life Rearranged hosts this fun link up every Friday.
I enjoy others & their InstaFridays...but haven't ever done one.
So, here goes:)...
a peek at our week:

1. Tucker, sick on a Monday
2. A game of Pengaloo with my recovering little boy- ever play a game with an almost 2 year old? They don't follow the rules & think it's wildly funny.
3. Bedtime with our girl; reading Arthur's Eyes
4. Walking in his daddy's flip flops- feeling much better
5. Lyle the Kindly Viking & a grape snack
6. Back from gymnastics; always snuggling that blanket in the car


7. We met baby Mershawn #3 this week :)

I'm 10 weeks & super nauseous.
Such is life as an expectant mama, I suppose.
The baby is healthy & already showing off their arms, legs, hands, & wiggles.
And, there's only one.
Hope your week was great & without sickness & nausea.
I care about ya.