Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lincoln Life {7, 8, & 9 months}

Oh hey, y'all!
I'm months behind on Lincoln posts.
So here's a little post with 3 months in one.

Lincoln at 7 months...
 At 7 months, Mr. Lincoln, you are sweet & squishy & long & happy.
You are just getting started on solid food.
And you're not the biggest fan. We're taking the food train slow & slower. 
This mama is in no rush to grow you up.
You're crawling all over the house.
A common phrase around here is, "Who sees Lincoln??"
Your brothers & sister love that.
You're pulling up on anything on your level & grabbing anything in reach.
You still only have 2 teeth on the bottom.
You're sleeping like a champ. 10-11 hours at night, 3-4 naps a day.
You love to say da-da-da-da, clap your hands (just the cutest), & giggle at the silliest things.
I am still your favorite. By a land slide, baby.
We're just so glad you're ours!!

Lincoln at 8 months...

 Linc! You're 8 months old!
In honor of it being almost the fourth of July, you wore a little red, white & blue for your 8 month photos. You're just so patriotic.
At 8 months, you are in to everything.
You are crawling so fast & are pulling up on everything & cruising along furniture at an alarming rate.
I'm a little afraid of what your future movements will consist of.
You are just the cutest, funniest guy.
You're a hand clapping, high five-ing fool. And we all can't get enough of it.
When you smile, it's so big, you wrinkle up your nose.
You're starting to put things in your mouth a lot. Like legos & dog food & random leaves drug in the house on the bottom of dirty shoes. 
Such a glorious stage in life.
 You're starting to enjoy solid food a little more.
But you don't really have a favorite, unless it's something off my plate or the floor.
You love, love bath time. You crack me up with your crazy kicking legs & giant splashes & loud squeals you make in there. Like you splash so much, I get really wet. Such a cutie.
Your favorite word is still da-da-da. However, you broke out in some ma-ma-ma the other day.
It was an exciting moment. I've tried no less than 100 times since to get you to repeat it. You just look at me & smile. But I promise it happened!
You've been carted to the pool many times already this summer & your usual response is a little bit of fussiness at first, then before you know it, you're happily splashing & squealing.
And you're still sleeping so well. 10-12 hours a night & 3-4 naps a day.
You rock star baby. We love you so much.

Lincoln at 9 months...

Baby Linc. I just can't believe it. You've officially been here as long as it took to grow you.
Time is just nuts.
At your 9 month check up you weighed in at 20 lbs (70th%).
And you stood tall at 30 in (above 98th%).
You're kind of a big deal. 
You're wearing 6-12 month clothes, but pushing quickly into 12-18 months.
You're wearing size 4 diapers & are still rocking the bare feet.
This month you started dancing.
Like throwing hands in the air & shaking that booty kind of dancing.
And making your family laugh & smile & dance with you.
You're starting to work on your waving skills & your sister has you saying, "Heeyyyyy!" 
I mean, you're just too much.
You crawl so fast. And when someone calls your name, you crawl happily to them. I love this stage.
Before long, you'll be running from us!
You're doing even better with your eating.
Trying lots of new things, but you get tired of them pretty quickly.
You have 4 teeth on top trying their best to push through. Bless your baby gums.
So, we're soaking up the last of your gummy grins before they get taken over by cute little baby teeth.
You still love bath time, but have officially moved to crawling all over that tub like a wet little maniac.
You still laugh at the funniest things, like when we sing to you in really deep voices or when someone sneezes. It's so funny what you find funny.
We dedicated you at church a few Sundays ago.
The Lord gave Pastor Brad Psalm 84 for you.
It has become my prayer for you.
You are such a tremendous gift to our family Lincoln man.
I genuinely thank the Lord daily for your life & your love, I am your favorite after all.
You are one amazing guy & we're all better for knowing you!

"What joy for those whose strength comes from the Lord… For the Lord is our sun & shield. He gives us grace & glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right. O Lord of Heaven's Armies, what joy for those who trust in You."
Psalm 84:5a, 11-12