Monday, May 16, 2011

A day at the Arboretum {spring 2011}

We've been part of a playgroup since last fall at our church.
We get to have fun twice a month with a bunch of little kid friends.
We went to the Dallas Arboretum back in April.
It was 90 degrees that day. Yep.
But it was still a lot of fun...you'll see.

Our cousin Ella was part of the group.
Extra exciting.

He loves his freedom.

Brings back memories of being a kid, playing Little House on the Prairie...
(thanks to Kelly & their field...remember when you used that water hose thing as your wheel chair? Still makes my mom laugh hysterically...)

They aren't the only 2 in the group...
but they do love each other.

She loves being his sister...most of the time.
She's sweet.

Preschoolers are a lot of fun.
And they have a lot of personality.
Turns out they also love giant goldfish...

My boy's double swirl head.

His favorite part of the day.
What 16 month old doesn't love a giant sheep up in his business?
Or actually...what sheep doesn't love a 16 month old up in his business?
He couldn't leave that fluff alone...between that & all the goat tails needing a good tug, he gave me my workout for the day.
Thankfully, the animals seemed very unsurprised by his antics.

That was one well groomed goat.

Her favorite part of the day.

We had lunch with a panda, a tiger, & a cat...they were WILD.

We need to go back again.
But I'll have to figure out a way to avoid the massive amounts of face paint being smeared all over the place...& maybe this time I won't have to explain 100 times why it doesn't stay on her face forever. Hard concept.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Three Year Times: 6 {Bigger}

You keep doing it.

You keep getting bigger.

I read this yesterday...

You'll be 4 soon.
I hear it said often that time will fly as we raise you.
I've learned that, that "flying time" is not just time lost, or gone too fast, but it is made up of something a little more difficult.
It's called, letting go.
As time swirls on & we watch you grow, harder questions about you emerge.
As it always will be.
It's hard. Hard to know what is always best for you.
Because, I know what I'd like, but then again, it's not all about me.
It's about you. And the plan that was made for you long ago.
And that is hard too. When will it never be about me?
When will I ever think about the best for others with no concern for me?
The Lord is teaching me.
And as you keep growing bigger, I keep growing too.
Being a parent is an interesting thing.
It is full of joy & sorrow. Pain & celebration.
But. I promise you, we will always be full of joy for you & who you are becoming.
It is a joyous, infectious feeling catching the glimpses of that mighty woman slowly growing inside that little body of yours.
You are cherished and treasured.
We are so grateful we get to walk this road with you, little big girl.