Saturday, July 31, 2010

Countdown 1 Year {We have lift off...}

You are 7 months old.
And you are a crawling man.

And, you just won't slow down.
Now that you've started crawling, you've already moved onto bigger things...
like trying to pull up on the entertainment center & the fireplace.
Won't you just be our baby?
:) Cutie.
We're proud of you.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three Year Times: 2 {Puddles!}

"Is it rainin' mom?!"
"I need my umbella."

Leftover rain= puddles.
And what good are rain boots when they can't splash in puddles?
And, girl, you loved that thought.
You splashed to your little hearts content.

We laughed & greatly enjoyed watching you.
He thinks you're just awesome.

Then the boots came off.
And that brother had to give it a shot too.
Nothing like nice cool rain water on top of hot summertime pavement.
Feels so good rushing over your feet...
(you'll notice I love that so much, that I'm wearing flip flops...goofy)

Four of my most favorite feet.

Parker, your parents are so cool.
They let you play in the rain & everything!
:) We love you little girl.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Daddy Lovin'

It's Kids Camp time again.
Every year it rolls around.
Yeah, I know. Um...duh.
Anyway. For the first 3 years that Mitchel was a children's pastor, I was by his side at all events, including Kids Camp.
But, now that we have kids, I have to stay home from camp unless I leave my kids.
And since it hasn't worked AT ALL to leave them in the last 3 years (for reasons like nursing, or being gone to much) I find myself creating ways to remind him I'd like to be by his side & ways to make myself still feel somewhat a part.
Oh, and ways to help him not forget us for the 5 days he's away...you can't be too careful about that:).
That being said, remember this post?
We made him his favorite cookies again, but I needed a cute new way to send them away with him.

I'm starting to obsess over jars.
Its weird. Almost any jar we empty, I wash out & keep.
No reason. I just like them.
But, they do come in handy. So, out came an old spaghetti sauce jar.
And some of my favorite scrap paper.
The orange stripes make me think of Mitchel.

Got out the handy mod podge,
(we're good friends)
and gave him a little reminder.

Then glued it to the jar.
Hence the mod podge. 
(sorry, evidently I'm in a goofy mood)

Filled it up with those yummy treats,
& attached a secret love note...

Then, it was time to get my babies involved.
He can't forget them either.

Speaking of jars, this little man eats food that comes out of super cute little ones.
Man, we have a lot of baby food jars.
I picked out 5 good sized ones & got to work.
We glued a different picture to each jar with a special little note for each day.
They all said "come home" on them somewhere.

Then we filled them with more treats, sealed them up, & wrapped them with a label for each day.
A sweet reminder that we love our sweet man.
Miss you Mitchel...
come HOME!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Three Year Times 1

Something about three.
That's how old you are Parker.
Something happened on that big 3rd birthday of yours.
You decided to become much more independent.
Much less needy, & yet much more needy.
Watching you over the past month & a half, I've discovered that preschool years aren't much different from your early years as a baby, & yet so very different in the same.
You learn ALL the time. Just like then, but different now.
You don't really ever forget, even if we think you do.
You use words I don't think you should understand yet.
The past 3 years have raced by. We've watched you grow from a tiny infant into a confident little lady. But even though you're bigger now, I still want to remember how tiny you actually are & how precious you will always be to us.
That brings me to, the "Three Year Times" posts.
They will be all about you & your ever growing steps into who you are.

You've loved them since you were old enough to grab for them.
I found a post a while back on making your own bubbles & knew in an instant this was a project for me & you. So we got to it:

The recipe came from Under the Sycamore (I'm not really obsessed...).
This was all we needed.

A giant jar with water & corn syrup mixed together.

1 cup of dishwashing soap.
It doesn't have to be orange. :)
You kept telling me,
"I think G-ammy would like these bubbles."
(her favorite color is orange, she drives an orange bug...very cool to a 3 year old)

Mixing the bubbles with the water/syrup mixture.
That was fun.
You did, however, keep sticking your fingers in the foamy bubbles, trying to get a finger full to lick.
Why? Because you are always trying to taste what we're making.
Edible or not.

Oh man! They worked SO great!!
The poor neighbors yard & front porch...it was a windy day.
Great for watching HUGE bubbles fly away.
But not so great for the neighbors who come home wondering who soaped up their stuff for them...
I hope it didn't really do that.
Note to self....check on that.

After about 15 minutes or so, you were ready to go in.
I wasn't. It was weird.
But, once you were inside you informed me your hands were sticky.
Then I got it.
You are so much like me...
We've played with them a few more times since then & you weren't so bothered:).
You're so much fun ladybug...

Next up:
Haircutting 101...yep. Ugh.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Countdown 1 year {7 months}

Happy 7 months our precious boy.

Its so crazy to think you've only been a part of our lives for a little over half a year.
Seems like we've known you forever.
This month has been no different from the others.
You've grown, learned new things, & have stolen our hearts even more.
And, let me tell you...
you've turned this mama to mush.
You are very much a mama's boy.
I am the only person you reach for.
Ever. Smart man...
When you're upset, I'm usually the solution to that problem.
Let's just enjoy that fact for a moment...ahh.
Okay. Glad that's documented. I do suppose it won't be this way forever...

You are so curious.
Now that you're bigger, trying out some of the things your big sis can do, brings you tons of excitement.
There's not any fear in your tiny body.
We'll see if that lasts...cause it makes me a tad nervous.

This month you started saying "dada."
Which in turn wrapped that dad around your finger.
When he comes home from work now, there's a good chance, after a big Parker hug, that he's in your face getting grins & giggles, waiting to hear his name squealed.

You are still sweet, cuddly, snuggly, & C-U-T-E.
That thumb has become great comfort.
Between your thumb, your blanket, & your mom, you stay one happy dude.

Oh boy.
You've been filling much of your awake time trying to figure out how to crawl.
You've sat yourself up from this position 3 times now.
It even made you clap your hands once.
You go from sitting, to hands & knees in a flash, where you rock wildly until you flop on your belly.
Great fun. We're just bracing ourselves for the day you actually take off.
Remember....you're very curious. Eek.

You were dedicated right after your 6 month birthday.
Your family was all there to pray for you & promise to raise you to know the Lord.
We're excited to see who you will grow up to be in Him.
But perfectly content to enjoy each moment along the way.
And, your shoes. Sigh.
One was lost the morning of your dedication. So you went barefoot.
One day it'll be funny. Maybe...

That girl still loves you.
You get kissed, hugged, tickled, & talked to all day long by that girl.
Unless she's busy swiping a toy from you.
One day I won't be the only one who objects to that...she'll figure that out soon enough though.

A rockin' man.

You are very handsy.
You love to touch everything you can get your hands on.
Then it goes straight into your mouth.
You even reach up high for things.
I'm afraid that will encourage pulling up sooner than later, but it's really cute to watch.
We can't imagine our family without you in it, our adventurous boy.
You make everyday brighter, squishier, droolier, & oh so happy.
We love you so much.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hangin' with my peeps

About a week & a half ago, we visited some chickens.
Yes. Chickens.
A family in our church raises them & we buy our eggs from them.
They invited us out to see their silly birds & we happily said yes.
So, we met the lovely chickens who give us breakfast, & desserts.

An appropriate thank you for the Weible's...
a chicken card.
Parker assisted in the chicken making & graciously gave him an arm & some hair.
They were green.
Clearly my sweet child had never met a chicken...

These guys came a-runnin' when we walked out on the back porch with some chicken scratch.
Did you know that's what you call the seeds & such that you toss to chickens?
Did you know that chickens waddle when they run?
Mmm-hmm. I'm a chicken expert.
You can believe me.
I got a pretty big laugh out of that waddling...

My brave girl.
That was one of their roosters.
He was apparently one of the gentlest.
He was very kind to my little girl.

Just to clarify.
I let my 3 year old feed the chicken while I used my baby & camera as an excuse not to stick my fingers out for chicken bait.
I would've done it had I not had my baby strapped to me & camera in my hand, though...I think.
Such a great mom.

So curious.
He would've fed those chickens if I would've let him, I have a feeling.

The main chicken man in the Weible household.
He's who we pay when we buy our eggs.
He caught that chicken like it was no big deal.

The babies.

The self proclaimed mama bird.
That's the brave girl petting her.
(the pink nails would be her...)

Checking out the coop.

Just having some girl talk.

They have one chicken who won't lay eggs in the coop with the other girls.
She must be high maintenance.
She gets her own special place in their garage to lay her eggs.
And it was the brave girl's lucky day...
she found 2!
Great fun for a 3 year old.
And her mama. Thanks Weible's.
You taught us lots about those crazy birds:).
Keep up the great work...we're lovin' those eggs!