Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Daddy Lovin'

It's Kids Camp time again.
Every year it rolls around.
Yeah, I know. Um...duh.
Anyway. For the first 3 years that Mitchel was a children's pastor, I was by his side at all events, including Kids Camp.
But, now that we have kids, I have to stay home from camp unless I leave my kids.
And since it hasn't worked AT ALL to leave them in the last 3 years (for reasons like nursing, or being gone to much) I find myself creating ways to remind him I'd like to be by his side & ways to make myself still feel somewhat a part.
Oh, and ways to help him not forget us for the 5 days he's away...you can't be too careful about that:).
That being said, remember this post?
We made him his favorite cookies again, but I needed a cute new way to send them away with him.

I'm starting to obsess over jars.
Its weird. Almost any jar we empty, I wash out & keep.
No reason. I just like them.
But, they do come in handy. So, out came an old spaghetti sauce jar.
And some of my favorite scrap paper.
The orange stripes make me think of Mitchel.

Got out the handy mod podge,
(we're good friends)
and gave him a little reminder.

Then glued it to the jar.
Hence the mod podge. 
(sorry, evidently I'm in a goofy mood)

Filled it up with those yummy treats,
& attached a secret love note...

Then, it was time to get my babies involved.
He can't forget them either.

Speaking of jars, this little man eats food that comes out of super cute little ones.
Man, we have a lot of baby food jars.
I picked out 5 good sized ones & got to work.
We glued a different picture to each jar with a special little note for each day.
They all said "come home" on them somewhere.

Then we filled them with more treats, sealed them up, & wrapped them with a label for each day.
A sweet reminder that we love our sweet man.
Miss you Mitchel...
come HOME!


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Who could not come home to YOU?! And those precious babies, of course.

Tiffany Lockette said...

How thoughtful and such a sweet gesture. Cute, cute idea. Hope he comes home soon!!

Jalissa said...

You are always so creative.

~SHO~ said...

What a wonderful idea. I'm sure he felt so loved!