Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hangin' with my peeps

About a week & a half ago, we visited some chickens.
Yes. Chickens.
A family in our church raises them & we buy our eggs from them.
They invited us out to see their silly birds & we happily said yes.
So, we met the lovely chickens who give us breakfast, & desserts.

An appropriate thank you for the Weible's...
a chicken card.
Parker assisted in the chicken making & graciously gave him an arm & some hair.
They were green.
Clearly my sweet child had never met a chicken...

These guys came a-runnin' when we walked out on the back porch with some chicken scratch.
Did you know that's what you call the seeds & such that you toss to chickens?
Did you know that chickens waddle when they run?
Mmm-hmm. I'm a chicken expert.
You can believe me.
I got a pretty big laugh out of that waddling...

My brave girl.
That was one of their roosters.
He was apparently one of the gentlest.
He was very kind to my little girl.

Just to clarify.
I let my 3 year old feed the chicken while I used my baby & camera as an excuse not to stick my fingers out for chicken bait.
I would've done it had I not had my baby strapped to me & camera in my hand, though...I think.
Such a great mom.

So curious.
He would've fed those chickens if I would've let him, I have a feeling.

The main chicken man in the Weible household.
He's who we pay when we buy our eggs.
He caught that chicken like it was no big deal.

The babies.

The self proclaimed mama bird.
That's the brave girl petting her.
(the pink nails would be her...)

Checking out the coop.

Just having some girl talk.

They have one chicken who won't lay eggs in the coop with the other girls.
She must be high maintenance.
She gets her own special place in their garage to lay her eggs.
And it was the brave girl's lucky day...
she found 2!
Great fun for a 3 year old.
And her mama. Thanks Weible's.
You taught us lots about those crazy birds:).
Keep up the great work...we're lovin' those eggs!


Tina Certain said...

Oh, how cute and what fun!!! I love the pictures feeding the rooster! Good job Parker Grace and way to handle those eggs...good job!

Sherrie Kulwicki said...

UGH! I'm with you Amber...wouldn't be touching chickens or scratch. Those beaks and claws creep me out. But hey! Way to go Parker. I think. Maybe. teehee

Tiff said...

How fun! What a great lesson to show that things like that have to come from somewhere, they don't just appear at the store, haha.