Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Three Year Times 1

Something about three.
That's how old you are Parker.
Something happened on that big 3rd birthday of yours.
You decided to become much more independent.
Much less needy, & yet much more needy.
Watching you over the past month & a half, I've discovered that preschool years aren't much different from your early years as a baby, & yet so very different in the same.
You learn ALL the time. Just like then, but different now.
You don't really ever forget, even if we think you do.
You use words I don't think you should understand yet.
The past 3 years have raced by. We've watched you grow from a tiny infant into a confident little lady. But even though you're bigger now, I still want to remember how tiny you actually are & how precious you will always be to us.
That brings me to, the "Three Year Times" posts.
They will be all about you & your ever growing steps into who you are.

You've loved them since you were old enough to grab for them.
I found a post a while back on making your own bubbles & knew in an instant this was a project for me & you. So we got to it:

The recipe came from Under the Sycamore (I'm not really obsessed...).
This was all we needed.

A giant jar with water & corn syrup mixed together.

1 cup of dishwashing soap.
It doesn't have to be orange. :)
You kept telling me,
"I think G-ammy would like these bubbles."
(her favorite color is orange, she drives an orange bug...very cool to a 3 year old)

Mixing the bubbles with the water/syrup mixture.
That was fun.
You did, however, keep sticking your fingers in the foamy bubbles, trying to get a finger full to lick.
Why? Because you are always trying to taste what we're making.
Edible or not.

Oh man! They worked SO great!!
The poor neighbors yard & front porch...it was a windy day.
Great for watching HUGE bubbles fly away.
But not so great for the neighbors who come home wondering who soaped up their stuff for them...
I hope it didn't really do that.
Note to self....check on that.

After about 15 minutes or so, you were ready to go in.
I wasn't. It was weird.
But, once you were inside you informed me your hands were sticky.
Then I got it.
You are so much like me...
We've played with them a few more times since then & you weren't so bothered:).
You're so much fun ladybug...

Next up:
Haircutting 101...yep. Ugh.


Lindsey Webb said...

You're such a great mom :) I love reading about your adorable little family!

Tina Certain said...
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Tina Certain said...

Wow what amazing bubbles you and mom made! I loved them! We are going to have to do that one day at Grammy's house...Poppy would love them! At 3...I find you to be so much fun and saying the funniest things! Your mind is always working! :o) I love it and I love you! Hugs!