Friday, June 25, 2010

Craft Hope

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time
Recently, one of my favorite blogs (Under the Sycamore) made a post about Craft Hope (their button is on the right) & what they're doing to help with the oil spill in the Gulf.
I've heard of Craft Hope before, but never actually clicked over there.
Until I saw what Ashley did with her kids.
Definitely a place we'll frequent from now on...

Being the creative person I am....
I stole Ashley Ann's idea.
Well...you know.
Why fix what's not broken, right?
I showed Park video of the oil spilling in the ocean.
She remembers the ocean from our vacation last year, so she was kind of understanding, at least the location.

We found our Squirt, & let him go for a swim in our "multipurpose jar."
We talked about clean water.
We'd live in that water if we were a turtle...yep.
Then I poured in the oil I had made.
Ew. "Mom, if I was a tu-ttle, I wouldn't live in that wata."
So, we talked about all the animals whose homes were getting covered in oil & how dirty & sick they were getting.
Then we talked about the nice people who were taking lots & lots of time to help the animals, by washing them with washcloths & soap.

We helped Squirt out.
And since my oil was made with oil & balsamic vinegar, it smelled gross too, which worked perfectly. Stinky, sticky, & gooey.
After our thorough scrubbing, Squirt not only felt clean, but he smelled much better too.

As she gave Squirt some love, I kept talking to her about all the other animals.
"Oh Squirt, I will make you all better."

We hit the store that morning & bought 20 washcloths for $10.
Good ol' Dollar Tree.
We talked about how there were so many animals that the special people helping needed lots & lots of wash cloths to clean them with.

She was excited.

Since we are helping through craft hope, I decided to add some hearts.
To make the animals feel loved.
Took me probably 20 minutes to get them sewn on....over the course of a week...hmm.

Ta- da!
Time to package them up & send them off.

She was helping me cut the ribbons to tie up our washcloths.
She did NOT want me telling her how to help me.
Grr. She's a scissors fanatic. I have to hide them.
What was I thinking?

We also made thank you cards for the volunteers.
My aunt Kathy helped us out with some too.
They were tied nicely on top.

We mailed them this morning.
With a bottle of Dawn dish washing liquid.
The post office lady saw the address & asked about what we were doing.
I told her about the website & what we were shipping.
Then Parker added, "We're helping the animals."


Tina Certain said...

YAY!!! They're in the mail. Good job ladies! I love the picture of her drying off Squirt...what a gentle, sweet heart. Hugs!

~SHO~ said...

Love that! What a great way to help out. Wonderful to get P involved. What a great lesson. Thanks for sharing!