Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scissors & Crayons

Did you know that crayons work better with their points cut off?

Last night, while I was cooking dinner, Parker was sitting in her high chair coloring.
I was also letting her "practice" with scissors.

She was very happy.
And proud of herself.
After a few minutes, I went over to see how she was doing.

Now, I had taken time to discuss with my precious 2 year old daughter the do's & don't's of using scissors.
And she was following my scissor rules perfectly.
Except for the part about ONLY cutting PAPER.
That's when I see her crayons, points removed.
Then, after I discovered that creative move (not that big of a deal) I notice she's chewing on something.
Me- "Did I give you something to eat?"
Parker- grin "no."
Me- "What are you eating?"
She opens her mouth wide.

Silly me, I forgot to tell you NOT TO EAT THE CRAYONS YOU CUT UP when you play with scissors.

The scissors have since been put away for safe keeping.

I think it'll be a while before she gets to chop away at paper (or crayons, or sippy cups...) again.

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The Lowry Place said...

That is soooooo CUTE! lol I thought for a second she decided to cut her hair, that's what I always did when I was little.