Monday, January 4, 2010

Countdown 1 year {1 month}

Today our little guy is officially one month old.
It's pretty crazy to think it's already been a whole month.
Of course when you have a baby right before Christmas, I suppose you should expect time to fly even faster than usual.

So, 4 weeks and 3 days into life at home with a baby boy, I have to say it's just plain great.
He's sweet, cuddly, grunts a lot:), eats well, & has most certainly turned my heart into mush all over again.
Feels good to love another person so much.
Good to know you can do it.
My little monkeys up there.
Monkey #1 has some super sweet moments with her brother.
And then occasionally, some not so sweet.
But overall, she's doing really great & is growing into this big sister role.

Yep, definitely cuddly.
Mitchel has been off for 2 weeks, and it's been awesome.
He went back to work officially yesterday, and I was one sad girl.
It was so nice to have him here as we adjusted to our new little family.
Now, I get to readjust to life as a mom with 2 kids around.
Should be fun:).
Training that girl right! :)
That was a sweet moment.
And don't you just love those little teeny arms, thrown in the air, fists tight?
I could just squeeze him!

Did I mention he's good sleeper?
I got one of those kids who came with the knowledge of a schedule already wired in him.
Weird, but oh so cool.
(did you notice his fuzzy head?)

We took pictures for his announcements, and I've ended with those.
It's been such a surreal month for us.
And I can't believe it's over.
I'm so looking forward to the many days to come in this new year.
I was looking through old pictures of Parker today, remembering what we have coming our way.
I can't wait & yet I'm remembering how fast this all goes.
So, we're relishing all those late nights, sweet noises, little bitty cries, stretches, squished body parts, and so much more.
You're just so perfect for our family Mr. Tuck, and we're so very glad you're here.


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Yep - a picture of God's love. The more there are the more love grows! I think it takes being a parent to really get that kind of love. Now you know how I can call each of my children "my favorite." :) Love you, Aunt Sha

Tina Certain said...

Well, I love the changes you've made. I especially love the pics of Parker and Tucker and then the pics of Tucker by himself. O-kay, I love them all! It is pretty amazing how we can love one baby SO much and then see that we have just as much love for another. So don't quit, keep 'em coming! :o) Love you! Mom