Sunday, January 10, 2010

GO Cowboys!

The Cowboys first playoff game was Saturday (as you probably know) & I made dessert for our family get together.
Parker (who clearly could care less that football is not about pink) wanted pink cupcakes.
I, being a sweet mom, decided to make strawberry cupcakes in her honor:).
And because I knew Mitchel liked strawberry too.

I love baking.
I even love cooking, when I'm not stressed.
I got a Martha Stewart (a true hero) cupcake cookbook for my birthday, and made her strawberry cupcakes.
You can find the recipe HERE.
You even use real strawberries.
Thrilling. Really.
I know, I'm easily entertained. :)

Instead of the strawberry buttercream meringue frosting the book used, I used THIS frosting instead.
I thought the pretty pink frosting was a little much for a football party.

And, the finished product.
I had fun finding footballs for the tops.
The brown ones were Wilton candy toppers.
They were ROCK hard.
Parker figured that out.
Ugh. Or yuck.
And, as a reward for all my hard work on my, made from scratch cupcakes...my 9 & 10 year old nephews & their 9 year old friend ran in from eating them and said...
"Who made these? They're SOOOOO weird!!"


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Welcome to 'boy-world.' I'll never forget driving down the street and one of my sweet Sunday school students' daughter was out in her pink Barbie car wearing her very green Disney mermaid dress-up dress. As I ooh'ed and aahh'd her, Justin looked at her and said, "What a freak!" Boy-world. sigh

The Lowry Place said...

Ok are you going to send me some of those? They look awful good.

Hill-O'Shields said...

That is too funny!