Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The sprinkler

At our home in the summer evenings, after dinner is over, we often find it a perfect time for watering the grass.
This year, Parker joins Mitchel outside every time & ends up soaked from head to toe.
But...sometimes, when I remember....we get smart & water the grass with this...
You want to go play with your sprinkler ball?

You want to try it out too?

Those cuties...

Standing a little too well for a 6 month old...

He wasn't the least bit shocked by all the water spraying in his face.
I was though...

She has experience.

Look how professional she looks.

See what I mean?
Don't you just want to squeeze those thighs...

Boy! You are c-ute.

That's nice...


~SHO~ said...

How fun! I love moments like these :)

The Lowry Place said...

SO cute, I miss being a kid when I see how much kids love playing in the water sprinkler. Makes me want to shrink down and be a kid again.

Thanks for sharing your photos with us.