Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Christmas Tree 2011

The day after Thanksgiving, every year, we pick out our Christmas tree.
Last year we started a new tradition that is so fun:).
And this year, we were ready to load up & chop down our 2011 tree.

Hayridin' it out to the trees.
She's sweet no matter where she is, even when hay is involved.

Tucker thinks freedom is awesome.
So, we love it when we're in wide open spaces & he can happily run & run & run.

She was searching for flowers to pick.
She didn't believe us when we told her flowers don't really grow in the winter.
She did prove us wrong...of course.

Oh, what a lovely picture.
Silly girl, cheesy mom, mad boy.
See the flowers in her pocket?

That's better.
I love those guys.
A lot.

Back to business.
We found our tree.
It's 10 feet tall.
Yeah. My husband was thrilled with himself;)...

Manly man.

Girlfriend's got some sass.
I blame my sister...

And brother...well, danger could be his middle name.

That, or, disgruntled.
He doesn't like being told no.
Who can blame him?
It's hard being 2...

More freedom.
See me back there?
Chasing the 2 year old before he hid in the trees.
He's helping me keep the baby weight gain down.
Such a sweet boy...helping out his mama.

There it is...
big ol' tree.
And growing me.

Our help was great this year.
We laughed & laughed about where we found ornaments on that tree.
Our kids are, as Parker would say, "too much fun."
So was that day...
and yes, we did need that ladder.
For more than just the star.
I'm hoping for a "simpler" tree next year...but I'm sure I'll be outvoted.
That's ok. It's the season for giving after all;).


Crystal said...

Why do I get blamed for her sass? :)

Crystal said...

And, I will add... There is NOTHING wrong with a little sass, as long as you have a pure heart!!!!

I love and miss your kids! Wish we were going to be home with y'all this Christmas :(

The Mershawn's said...

Oh girl...you had sass to spare! :)

The Lowry Place said...

Oh how fun. Love those family traditions. Where do you go around here for a tree you can chop down? How fun! I keep having these visions of the Lampoons Christmas. haha

The Mershawn's said...

That's funny. Thankfully they give you a saw & none of their trees were THAT big. haha
Last year we went to a place in Greenville, Kadee Farms.
This year, we went camping around Thanksgiving & went to a tree farm in Sherman, right around the corner from where we camped;). It was called Elves Tree Farm. There are a lot to pick from though...