Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Florida: Our last days...

And the last day in Florida brought rain & clouds. So, we spent our day shopping, packing up, and hanging out. We did head out to dinner one last time, to AJ's. It's a fun restaurant with a harbor back behind it. The ocean sitting right outside the window never gets old either, and this place has it too:).

The ceiling. I wanted to bring a few of those back with me...

Ha. What's the deal with my eyes??
We were seated really quickly & our waitress was good, but we had all had enough eating out. Parker was NOT into coloring, and really just wanted to run around. Mitchel & I were just bummed to be leaving the next day. But, once the food came all was well.
Then, we paid & headed out to see the boats in the harbor & to feed the fish.

No words for this one...

Don't you just want to squeeze her:)?

On the dock looking back at the restaurant. You can buy fish food on the harbor, so there are tons fish all in the water. Parker had her bag of goldfish with her, so all 3 of us were quite entertained feeding those things. They were crazy!

Yes, we ate out again:). It's vacation....
We hit the Donut Hole one last time on our way out.
Our sweet friends, the Dobberstein's, who ate there with us the time before, introduced Miss P to the world of "splinkle" donuts. She didn't have one the 1st time, but she tried really hard this time to get one out of us. And, after all, it was vacation, so who could resist:)?
She loved it.
Oh, and I loved mine too...

And, 13 hours later....we were home.
I still miss it. Family vacations are good. I like having them all to myself.
But it's nice to be back, too. 
Just wish the beach were right outside my window....

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Hill-O'Shields said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Vacations are my favorite thing :)