Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's a pretty well known fact that I enjoy being crafty:).
I'm about to make it even more well known...
I love making bright, cheerful, fun things for my family & our friends.
There's just something really satisfying about making things yourself.

This is a cupcake caddy I found HERE. I gave it to my niece McKenna for her 6th birthday.
She's so girly.

Then, during Celebrate the Boy month on one of my favorite blogs I found this:

How could I not make it for my super precious boy?

Then on the same blog I found the Hobo Sack.
So fun.

I made this for my nephew Mikey.
He's so NOT girly:).

Then our good friend Bella turned 5 & I thought she needed a more appropriate Hobo Sack:

They're really easy to make.
Especially if you are good friends with your sewing machine.

Then came Easter.
I bought a pattern with pre-cut fabric from etsy for Miss P's dress this year.

We both really liked the way it turned out.

Last thing...
I found this site & had to make this for my sweet baby.

I'm hoping it becomes his favorite....
Now, I'm wondering:
What did I do before I fell in love with blogs?


Paula's Life said...

i am soo jealous!! i love all that you are making. yes...i am in love with all the blogs too!! just wish i was crafting it up too. good job girl!!

Mrs. Hill-O'Shields said...

I LOVE that tie shirt! Too cute :)

The Johnson's said...

I LOVE that blanket - so cute! Wish I was as crafty & could make Honour one, Ha!