Friday, May 7, 2010

Countdown 1 year {5 months}

Here he is...
Our 5 month old baby man.
Couldn't you just squeeze that face?

Tucker, at 5 months...
you smile so big, I think your cheeks must hurt.
You smile every time your dad or I walk up.
I think you must know something...we can't resist you.

You've discovered the world of toys.
It's so fun watching you figure things out.
You've been rolling over for a good month now, but just couldn't manage to go from front to back on the floor. Until this month.

You got it all straightened out.
Now you're a rollin' fool:).
Cracks me up...

As I said...you like toys.

You sleep 11- 12 hours every night now.
You're down to 3 naps a day. After you eat at dinner time, you're awake until bedtime.
You get a little tired waiting for bedtime to come, but a bath ALWAYS makes you happy again.
You get LOTS of cuddles at bath time.
Even from your sis. After all...who doesn't love a cute little duckie that smells so good?

Miss P loves to play with you.
You give her really good smiles & talk to her a lot.
I think it makes her feel special.
She's such a sweet sister to you.

You can no longer sit on the couch in your boppy like this.
I caught you hanging on the end by your shoulders & head...um...twice.
I know. You're just a mover & I can't seem to get used to it.

You got to go see the Rangers play.
You slept through about an hour of the game.
That's okay. Baseball games are long anyway.
They did win though...I think:).

You've discovered your feet.
I can't change your diaper anymore without having to pull feet out of your hands & mouth.
You squeal every time you see them. They are your good friends.
You're very flexible...

It's amazing to watch you grow Tucker Brooks.
You're long, squishy, cuddly, C-U-T-E, so happy, and so, so good.
We are so blessed to call you ours.
You have made us all mush around you. Cutie.


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Happy 5 months Tucker! You make us all so happy. You are our favorite nephew!!! teehee Love and cheek-pinches, Aunt Sha!!

Jalissa said...

CUTE! I love seeing photos of you and your cute little family.