Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pictures at the Park

So yesterday we headed out to our local park to take some pictures for Christmas and to take Parker's 18 month pictures. She had a great time despite the fact the wind was fierce that day. We found a nice big field, and Parker ran with freedom, picking up random leaves here and there. She also discovered how much fun it is to jump and stomp on the bridge over the pond. There were ducks swimming all around and two that were quite friendly. We had a great time just playing outside in the good ol' Texas crazy December weather. 

I was a little nervous watching Parker run around like a wild woman in her pretty little Christmas dress. But rest assured, it's all still in tact!

Showing dad around and watching the leaves blow by.

Just Parker and dad.

Parker being silly looking for the ducks.

We're keeping busy, in full swing of Christmas shopping, baking, and preparations. Parker is catching on to the excitement too. She loves Christmas lights, trees, and music. Sunday on the way home from church, she was falling asleep in the car, and then much to Mitchel's shock, she popped her head up and started singing gleefully along with Charlie Brown's Christmas music. She cracks me up! We took her to the Rockwall Christmas Parade on Saturday, and we'll end with a picture of our girl all bundled up.

You can tell it's cold....just look at that red nose:)!


The Lowry Place said...
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The Lowry Place said...

I had an odd typo so I just deleted it and will try again. Only if my brain would work.

I just said I'm excited to do with Kaylen what you get to do with Parker. That age is going to be a blast. The pictures are cute!

Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Precious pictures of a sweet little girl! Thanks for updating so quickly and thanks for my birthday card!! Love you guys!

Paula's Life said...

like your blog...now i have a new blogging buddy :)