Monday, July 18, 2011

Pillowcases for Africa {a party}

I had a party on Friday.
It involved sewing, friends, & food.
A girly party- only you didn't have to buy anything before you left.
A party meant to give.
To orphan girls in Africa.
The idea started when I read this post- by my blog friend. :)
(ok...technically, we're not friends. But I read her blog everyday...)

Good friends make a party great.
They were awesome & made dresses like crazy.

I was so thrilled to have people actually show up.
I knew a sewing party would be scary to some, but they came anyway.

Good food makes a party, too.

Martha cupcakes (they were dry- waaa- it was my fault).

In the end, we had 30 dresses.

30. In one night.

For little girls.
To show them love.
I wish I could be there to watch the party when they're opened.
God's love wrapped up in a dress.
I think this is one of the most favorite parties I've ever had.
It feels good when there's a greater purpose.

*Don't worry girls who came to the party that are reading this.
I was very careful about the way I hung up those dresses.
They are actually all washed & safely back inside their own bags again;).

More party details to come...


The Lowry Place said...

Jen H. Looks awesome!

If I had a sewing machine I would have pitched in but I don't so hopefully a lot of pillow cases were made and lots of little kids will be super happy!

Tiff said...

I am so sad I missed... i love any excuse to sew! Especially when it blesses some one else. Great job, Amber!

The Johnson's said...

It was so much fun and such a great idea! I love being able to do something I love and blessing someone at the same time! Thanks Amber!:)

cowlectibles said...

What a fun night!! And such a blessing to bless other girls with something new :))
If you decide to do it again, let me know :)