Sunday, August 1, 2010

My sister is having a baby

Many of you know that my sister is having a baby.
She was due on Wednesday.
At church today, I was asked by lots of people about her.
My answer to all of them & now you:
No. She has not had her baby yet.

*Clearly she is not pregnant in this picture...however, if you'd like to think that she is, I'm sure she'd be fine with that.
And, that's Chad, her husband. I know you know that. I'm just sayin' is all.

Its crazy to be on the waiting side.
I was getting used to being the one making everybody wait on edge:).
I kind of enjoy that.
Not so fun having to wait on this side...
Or maybe it is.

Anyway. I'm rambling...
She will be having that baby at some point in the week.
We can't wait to meet that new sweet guy.
And to end this anxious anticipation...
I'll keep you posted. I'm sure she'll love that!

And. I get to visit our newest family addition in a little over a week...
I have onesie plans in the works for him.
Owen!! Come out!

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The Johnson's said...

I can't believe she still hasn't had that baby! Poor thing!:( Glad to hear it will be all be over soon & I'm sure she will love those onesies!:)