Saturday, August 14, 2010

Countdown 1 year {8 months}

Tucker you are 8 months old.
And you are busy, busy, busy.

You sleep between 10 & 12 hours every night.
In the morning you wake up happy.
So happy that you crack yourself up in your bed.
I usually hear the sound of your feet being flopped on your bed as hard as you can.

You eat really well.
Cereal. Fruit. Veggies.
You're a good eater.
You have finally slowed down a little on your growing.
You can still squeeze that baby bod into some of your 3-6 month clothes, but mostly everything else is 6-12 months.
Your feet however...seem to have left the rest of your body behind.
Which makes them all the more fun to squish.

You spend your days eating, sleeping, & curiously playing with ANYTHING you can get your hands on.
You love being read to. You love being sung to.
You still love your thumb & your blankie.
You started crawling 2 weeks before your 8 month bday.
The next day you started pulling up on things & you haven't stopped.
You've now learned the hard way about bumps on your head & how they hurt.

You still love your mama.
I think that is the best thing I've typed so far:).
I love how you are so happy all the time. How you are so content to explore the world around you. How you love your sister. How you love your dad. The excitable way you crawl to the back door to sneak a peek at Lilly. I love your noises. Especially your growls. I love your squishy arms, your stout chest, & your fuzzy head.
Mostly I just love you. You've definitely stolen our hearts.
And every time you grab for me, bury your head against me & wrap your arms around my neck, it gets worse.
Happy 8 months sweet boy.

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